What is the difference between the Hoka models?

One of the most common things we get asked when we’re at triathlon, health & fitness, and running expo’s or signing up new stores is this very question: What is the difference between the Hoka models?

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Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be answering this for you here at http://www.hokaoneoneaustralia.com by posting an individual overview of each model:

Kailua Trail

As well as talking about each model in individual detail, we’ll make some simple but useful comparisons by pointing out things like the benefits of the Bondi 3 to the runner with a higher volume foot relative to the Stinson Tarmac which deliberately fits more closely for a responsive feel, or how someone who wants the cushioning of a Hoka but feels they collapse a bit in the Kailua will find that the Conquest, while still a neutral shoe, offers a previously unknown level of control and guidance in a Hoka.

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Stinson Trail

The Maximalist Shoe Trend: Who started it?

Well, we did, obviously  🙂

And it’s fun to note that Hoka OneOne has been around more or less exactly as long as the minimalist shoe trend, as observed by Alister McMillan in his discussion of where runners are heading in 2014 in the Executive Life section of today’s issue of The Australian. Brands that wait for trends to happen will never create them.

Read this article then  check out the new 2014 range of Hoka OneOne Conquest, Bondi, Rapa Nui, Kailua and Stinson, which will be arriving and shipping mid next week. These will also be available from a running specialist near you.

The article by Alister McMillan in The Australian national newspaper announcing the coming of age of maximalism Jan 24 2014

The article by Alister McMillan in The Australian national newspaper announcing the coming of age of maximalism Jan 24 2014

Too soon?

Oscar Pistorius is a champion. But he might want to stay away from microphones right after coming second.

It was truly remarkable to hear Oscar Pistorius, South Africa’s champion double amputee sprinter, complain about the advantage of his competitor’s prosthetic legs after the 200m final at the Paralympics today.

If you haven’t followed this unique athlete’s battle to compete in the ‘normal’ Olympics, then read Ross Tucker and Jonathan Dugas – The Sports Scientists. Risking ostracisation in their own country for challenging the dreams of a national hero, they explain the background to Pistorius’ own fight for acceptance, and the irony in his latest media engagement.

Latest Review: Jock Athletic

Latest review of some of the new models, pinched from Jock Athletic e-zine.

85/100, not bad. Not bad at all : )


New Hoka OneOne are on the way!!

With Bondi B and Stinson Evo flying off the warehouse shelves as fast as they can clear customs, a new shipment is arriving next week. So if you’ve been having trouble getting hold of size 9-11 Bondi or any size in Evo, now’s the time to get your local running or tri store or sports pod or physio to put in an order. You can be sure that these will all be gone again within a couple of weeks of unpacking.

There will also be the new grey Bondi B, something a little more reserved for the runner who likes to maintain a low profile while being two inches taller than normal.

Sorry, girls. No Bondi women’s on this one, but we finally have women’s Evo again after the last batch sold out in less than 2 weeks.


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