2013 Hoka OneOne running top now available online

That’s right! Now available online to Australia for $35 including delivery, men’s in black on white, women’s in pink on white. These super-breathable technical running singlets from our friends at Get Shirty wick sweat away and feel comfortable for running all day long. Check out the apparel section at http://shop.hokaoneone.com.au/clothing/ and simply ask for the new men’s or women’s top in the comments section.


We have the nicest customers!

Adhiyatni first got in touch with us a bit over a week ago to ask some questions about where she could buy Hoka OneOne in Canberra and which model might work best for her. Today, out of nowhere, there’s a lovely homemade poster on our wall.

Thanks Adhiyatni. Welcome to Hoka OneOne.


Hoka OneOne – bitchin’ shoes!!

We knew what we meant…

New Lady Tarmac from Hoka OneOne. New Australian Demo Tour Dates.

Hot new women’s Tarmac – looks almost as good as it feels.

Hoka OneOne Australia Demo Tour starts soon. Arrive early for fittings beforehand.

Wednesday August 8 – 6:30pm running group, The Running Company Potts Point

a Thursday in August, 6:00pm instore with ultrarunning coach Andy Dubois (Mile 27), Sydney Running Centre, Edgecliff Date TBC

Wednesday August 15 6:30pm Hills Athletic Club, Roxborough Park

Saturday August 18 – 8am running group – mixed road and trail, Footpoint Shoe Clinic Mosman

Saturday August 25  – 7am (after 6am time trials) with Mary Yule and Manning Shoes, Forster Beach

More dates and locations with running stores, tri groups, and running groups to be announced.

Like Facebook.com/HokaOneOneDemoTour for your chance to win, and details as they happen

visit us at Facebook.com/HokaOneOneAustralia

Hoka OneOne Demo Tour, Australia

The Hoka OneOne Demo Tour will be live shortly. If you didn’t get along to any of our demo runs last year, it’s a simple but very fresh idea.

Based from a running group, tri group, or specialist shoe store’s venue of choice, we (Hoka) turn up with a bunch of our latest shoes. You put on a pair that fits. We all go for a run, 5 to 15km depending what everybody’s up for. If you enjoy yourself, you can buy shoes from our stockist. If you don’t, well that’s a shame. Maybe next time.

See what we’re saying? It’s all for you, the runner, and at no obligation.

Central Coast, Melbourne, and Brisbane dates are to be confirmed, as are more dates around Sydney, Penrith , and Cronulla.

The Running Company, Potts Point. Wednesday August 8th, 6:30pm .

FootPoint Shoe Clinic, Mosman. Saturday August 18th, 8am.

Forster in cooperation with Mary Yule’s running group and Manning Shoes, Saturday August 25th, 7am. Venue TBA

More dates and locations to come. Get to the one nearest to you.

Win new Tarmac Evo at the Hoka Demo Tour

Over the next 7 weeks, we’ll be bringing Stinson Evo, Bondi B, and the all new road ripping Tarmac to our retailers across Sydney, as well as running groups, podiatrists, and fitness clubs for you to test out properly on runs of 30-60 minutes. You’ll have the very unusual chance to properly try out running shoes before buying them, or not buying them.

We’ll be collecting contact details and putting everyone who tries our hot new road shoe or other shoes in our range into the draw for a hot new pair of Hoka OneOne and our new tech running singlet – all in time for a season of hot summer running.

Footpoint, Mosman – Saturday July 28, 8am
The Running Company, Potts Point – Wednesday August 8, 6:30pm

Sydney Running Centre, Northside Runners, Runnulla, Panthers Cycles, Dr. Foot Solutions dates to be announced…


Hoka OneOne Australia Demo Tour starts July 21


New Hoka OneOne are on the way!!

With Bondi B and Stinson Evo flying off the warehouse shelves as fast as they can clear customs, a new shipment is arriving next week. So if you’ve been having trouble getting hold of size 9-11 Bondi or any size in Evo, now’s the time to get your local running or tri store or sports pod or physio to put in an order. You can be sure that these will all be gone again within a couple of weeks of unpacking.

There will also be the new grey Bondi B, something a little more reserved for the runner who likes to maintain a low profile while being two inches taller than normal.

Sorry, girls. No Bondi women’s on this one, but we finally have women’s Evo again after the last batch sold out in less than 2 weeks.


Newly arrived Hoka OneOne – order now!!

Spotted! A couple of the crew from Trails+, Victoria's major trailrunning event makers at the Finish line, OxFam Trailwalker 2012

Here’s a great bit of feedback from Melbourne OxFam Trailwalker competitor David Hughes over the weekend:

Yesterday I completed the Melbourne Oxfam Trailwalker 100km in 15 hours wearing a pair of Hoka One One Stinson Evo’s. These have to be the best distance shoe I’ve ever worn. Last year I alternated between road and trail shoes depending on what the terrain was but no need with the Evo’s. Today I have no pain in my feet or legs other than the usual stiffness from such a distance. I don’t even have a blister! The only problem I’ve found since I bought them 4weeks and 260km ago is they aren’t good for fast corners. The exceptional downhill stability and comfort more than make up for it. Love my shoes-I’m a Hoka convert!

David Hughes – Facebook –> Hoka OneOne Australia, Monday April 23 2012

We have a new load of Stinsons and Bondi B hitting the warehouse floor today, ready to buy on our website at www.HokaOneOne.com.au or order from our retailers in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria, so get yourself into the biggest revolution in running since we were barefoot!

Hoka One One online store now open in Australia!!

If you can get to a specialist running store for your Hoka One One, do it!!

Buy Local, Fly Global!

But, if you’re part of the 72% of Australia’s population not currently living within 40 minutes of a Hoka One One retailer, have we got a deal for you!?

Get your Hoka One One for $229 across Australia, freight included.

Big, ultralight, comfy endurance with no additional postage and handling – You Can Have It All   : )

We might even sell some comfy shoes to New Zealanders when they get over celebrating the rugby and get back to running.

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