Another great race in Husky

Thank you Nowra. Thank you Huskisson. Thank you Ally, Emmo, and the usual suspects from the Elite Energy crew. You always bring your A Game and everyone always has a great day in Husky as a result.

The Hoka Husky Half was held over the weekend by the sparkling waters of Jervis Bay and it went down an absolute treat. Arriving in Huskisson on Saturday night we were treated to a bit of a shocker by the Wallabies up against a Springbok attack that didn’t really do anything they hadn’t seen before. The Aussies pulled their fingers out slightly in the second half but even at a friendly beachside local, it was hardly a performance worth toasting.

Looking forward to the following day’s running we hit the hay early, alarm clock set to Brutal.

Sunrise just isn’t sunrise without a nice big Hoka banner 🙂

Waking up at 5am to go running is a special kind of pleasure. So too is waking up at 5am, to watch everyone else go running : ) As we set up with about 40 pairs of shoes, our pool of demo shoes, tables, tent, and some special tasters from the selection of 2013 samples we’re now keeping under lock and key, Jervis turned on an absolutely cracking sunrise. A shame to not be running – there’ll be other half marathons, just possibly not as scenic or as friendly.

Whether it’s for 400 competitors or 4,000, the crew from Elite Energy are fully professional in all their event management and production.

The course went right past us, giving us a view evenly composed of runners and ocean. Awesome. While athletes sweated it out on course, we barely caught breath as we explained the different models, made sure everybody was well fitted, and sent them off on their own test runs. This is a classically friendly town and we met all manner of runners interested in what Hoka OneOne has to offer. There were some knee-pounded rugby league players, recreational trailrunners, 70-year-olds who could probably do damage to many younger marathoners, faster runners who’d already got their 5km over and done with, and junior cross country crew from Nowra Athletics Club.

Just before the turnaround point, ideal location for spectators to cheer their friends on then test out some Tarmac.

The Hoka OneOneDemo Tour has been an initiative that has given hundreds of people the chance over the past couple of months to properly test out running gear very different from what they’re used to. At the Hoka Husky Half, it was one of our best chances so far to introduce people to running Hoka style, because we were able to stick around for 5 hours while everyone had a go in their own way and in their own time. We even had one runner try Hoka Tarmac for the first time over the full 21.1km (despite getting a bunch of free gear from another running company) and score himself a PB.

The crowd appreciated Mark “Emmo” not throwing any prizes heavier than a Toyota into the crowd.

In the end, it wasn’t about the medals and the trophies and who beat who. It really was a day about everybody getting out and having a good time doing what we all love – running! Emmo’s commentary over the speaker system just made it that much better, as he urged runners to make the shift to half course and full course Ultimate Triathlon, while they were still racing down the finisher’s chute!

Bag of Demo Joy, ready for our next outing.

Thanks guys, and we’ll see you shortly for the Elite Energy Tri Series, which we know as always will be a total blast.

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