The Hoka OneOne Bondi – what makes this running shoe so different?

For Australian runners, the Bondi B/ Bondi Low/ Bondi Speed/ Bondi 2/ Bondi 3 in all its incarnations has been the shoe that grabbed so much attention when Hoka first came to Australia back in 2011, the shoe that most users of Hoka OneOne running gear will have at least one pair of, and that probably offers the clearest first experience to new wearers of what Hoka OneOne means.

See the grey ones in the middle – that was my first pair of Bondi Bs! It kind of gets me emotional, and then I just feel grateful for the new colour schemes 🙂 Click on the picture for my first ever writeup of the Bondi B as well.

The Hoka OneOne Bondi puts 24.5mm of superlight cushioning under the forefoot, 29mm under the heel, and in the latest model – the Bondi 3 – it weighs in at 315g in a US8.5 men’s model and 267g in a US6.5W women’s model. You couldn’t possibly fit that much marshmallow under someone’s foot without tripling the weight of the shoe, but running on marshmallows is one of the most typical ways we hear new Hoka runners describe the feeling of the Bondi. Running on clouds, running on a trampoline, running on pillows – these are also common ways for runners to describe their first experience of the Bondi.

Fast forward 3 years, and the Bondi is a very advanced new animal with the same classic midsole and a number of champion endurance athletes singing its praises. #toldyouso

When you strap the Bondi to tired legs, or when you’re deep into a half-marathon or full marathon with less fatigue than you might be used to, suddenly the shoes weigh next to nothing and those clouds you’re running on feel like they’re racing toward the horizon. That, of course, is subjective. Read more of this post

Our first website winner for the year . . .

Congratulations to our first winner of some limited edition Hoka OneOne running gear.

If you like running in polo shirts that is 🙂

Pete, if we can call you Pete – considering you’re only known to us via our Facebook as ThePete – we loved your story and we hope you love your Hoka OneOne polo. Sorry it’s not a pair of Bondi 2 but you’re just going to have to wait 18 more days for those like everybody else, ourselves included.

Here’s a pic of Pete smashing Melbourne Marathon 2012, and loving every quick second of it apparently in his Tarmacs.

Pete, Melbourne Marathon 2012

Pete, Melbourne Marathon 2012

Hit us up in messaging with your shirt size and postal address, Pete. We’ve got one of these styley shirts for you. 2 more winners to be announced along with their stories this week. It’s not too late to wow us with your own Hoka moment for 2012. Check out some of the massive accomplishments, including course records and world firsts, our Team Hoka runners achieved in 2012. And 2013 is going to be even bigger . . .


Congratulations Pete. Who’s next?

I just cut my Hoka OneOne Bondi B in half.

Thinking outside the shoebox…

Hoka OneOne Demo Tour rolling along

Like Hoka OneOne Demo Tour on Facebook for your chance to win shoes and running gear from Hoka Australia. While you’re there, check out the latest information about where we’ll be next.

This Saturday, August 18th, we’ll be at Footpoint Shoes in Mosman at 8am. Next Saturday we’re on a beach in Forster from 6am with Manning Shoes and Mary Yule’s running group. We might be appearing on the Central Coast that afternoon. The Saturday after that, it’s September 1st and we’ll be doing some miles from 5:45am with a long course Newcastle Tri group.

So if you’re already running in Hoka, visit this post and fill in our very quick survey. Then come and run with us in a new pair of Tarmacs. Try. Fly. And if they blow your mind like we’re pretty sure they will. . .  Buy!

If you haven’t yet run in Hoka or tried the latest models, we hope to see you soon.

New Hoka OneOne Arrivals! First Bondi Speeds!!

They’re finally here – the first Hoka OneOne Bondi Speeds to go on sale anywhere in the world!

Check out the all new Bondi Speeds with thinner tongue and speedlaces and MENTAL red n gold colouring, perfect for flashy triathletes, speedy marathoners, and down and dirty ultra runners. Also unloading into the warehouse and straight back out again, we have new women’s Bondi which are classy blue with white and grey trim, and a fresh upload of the ever-popular Stinson Evo Flag.

The Bondi Speed. Need a Bondi? Get em while you can!

Get your orders in fast, to your local running store or to

These babies won’t last long!

New Hoka OneOne are on the way!!

With Bondi B and Stinson Evo flying off the warehouse shelves as fast as they can clear customs, a new shipment is arriving next week. So if you’ve been having trouble getting hold of size 9-11 Bondi or any size in Evo, now’s the time to get your local running or tri store or sports pod or physio to put in an order. You can be sure that these will all be gone again within a couple of weeks of unpacking.

There will also be the new grey Bondi B, something a little more reserved for the runner who likes to maintain a low profile while being two inches taller than normal.

Sorry, girls. No Bondi women’s on this one, but we finally have women’s Evo again after the last batch sold out in less than 2 weeks.


Huskisson Triathlon – photos to post soon

What a brilliant weekend that was! Thanks Emmo and the whole Elite Energy crew for showing us how good a weekend of triathlon can really be. Beautiful beachside setting, committed athletes of all different levels and categories, and a friendly town for brilliant vegie burgers and cold refreshment (thanks Pilgrims, thanks pub with retro dance floor!!).

TriHusky II was a blast, basically. Over 4,000 competitors and probably as many supporters. Great chance to talk gear, technique, training, goals, and look at some of the latest kit around. Sean from Runnulla showed us the new Suunto Ambit and as much as I hate to say it about a piece of kit that’s likely to retail for $650, I just might need one! Paul from Injinji Australia was there too with a massive display full of less wallet-intensive items with Zensah calf sleeves still a favourite.

At the Hoka OneOne stand we were able to showcase the new Stinson Evo range, the 2012 Bondi B, and a bunch of cool new video clips we’d collected from Hoka Global or shot ourselves on GoPro running all over New Zealand’s stunning mountainous south island. Great reception from the tri crew and their families – thanks all! We sold a week’s worth of shoes in about 15 hours and will be looking forward to whatever discussion the newly-Hoka-ed runners might now get up to on Transitions. If you need to know anything or want any follow-up service, head in there and look for Mr. Hoka.

Check us out at, watch for the next event in Wollongong on March 10-11, and keep on training! We’ll be getting some more pictures up soon, but for now here’s a quick taste of the brilliant weekend that was.

You could be running better. Right now.

We feel Hoka OneOne is the best new shoe for runners who want the joy of running, to perform at their peak and feel that important sense of freedom, all while maintaining top physical condition and protecting against shocks, jolts and injuries.

What could your run be, right now?

And it is not just our opinion.

It is now scientifically proven.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Reduced Impact & Rate of Fatigue

Enhanced Natural Stride

15% lighter than most running shoes, up to 50% greater surface area, nearly 150% more sole, up to 80% of impact dispersed.

Research conducted at the Olympic Clinik in Basel, Switzerland and CBISM Laboratory in Trento, Italy found a 3-5% reduction in energy consumption running flat courses in Hoka’s oversize outsole.

Even researchers were surprised to find a massive 8–18% decrease in energy consumption running uphill by comparison to subjects’

reference levels.

They also confirmed what every Hoka runner knows.

Running downhill, Hoka OneOne reduced shock impact by 15-20%.

20% of unnecessary knee flexion was also eliminated, probably by the natural stride enhancement system of Hoka OneOne.

Hoka EVOlution

You know it!

Hoka One One Quote of The Week

“Tried out the new @HokaAU today. These shoes make running feel like it’s supposed to! #Lovingit!!”

Quoting @DLBella

From Damian, at – self-described average age group triathlete. Cheers Damian – setting yourself up well to smash that 21.1km goal, however tired your swim legs might be.

For your Hoka One One needs, you’ll be happy to know that In Training will shortly be joining us as a Brisbane stockist, and in the meantime our shopfront is now up at, offering Hoka for $229 including freight anywhere in Australia.

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