Malcolm Law’s Mountainous New Zealand Challenge: 50 Marathons in 50 Days

ew Zealand’s Malcolm Law is a master when it comes to running on the ragged edge. We’re big fans 🙂

Here’s an article from the latest issue of UltraFit magazine outlining a challenge and an opportunity. Malcolm is doing something amazing and daunting in 2015. If you’ve ever wanted to run trails in New Zealand, you might never have a better chance to do something equal parts spectacular and meaningful.

UltraFit Malcolm Law Story Jan-Feb 2014 100 png

Scott Hawker, chilling in Beijing

Flashing his shorts at -3, Hoka OneOne Australia's Scott Hawker out for a training run in Beijing, on his way to the Hong Kong 100 later this month.

Flashing his shorts at -3, Hoka OneOne Australia’s Scott Hawker out for a training run in Beijing, on his way to the Hong Kong 100 later this month.

Just heard from Team Hoka’s Scotty Hawker, freshly back from turning his legs over in Beijing as he gets ready for the Hong Kong 100 later this month.

A little colder here (-3deg) than Australia!! Heading out for a run around the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Got so many smiles and laughs from locals cause I was wearing shorts. Guess that’s the kiwi in me.

Along with The North Face 100 here in Australia in May, Tarawera in New Zealand in March, and a swag of other spectacular ultra marathons throughout the year and around the globe, the HK100 is now part of the Ultra Trail World Tour and as such will see a fast lineup of internationals racing alongside Scott, including Dave Mackey, Claire Price, and Jez Bragg.

Good luck Scott! Great chance to mix it up with some of the best.


If you run, this is all the Christmas tree you need…

Hoka xmas bp


And remember: it’s not too much pudding, it’s a commitment to carb-loading.

See you in the New Year with the New Gear.

Hoka OneOne 2014: Best in Show

The Hoka OneOne Conquest, due in 2014.

Outdoor Retailer in the US is the gear guru’s Lollapalooza, it’s Christmas for technical material heads, it’s the Big Day Out for mountaineers, adventurers and athletes, without the drifting piles of garbage and retro rock carried past drunk teenagers by strong summer winds.

Basically, Outdoor Retailer is the place to be if you’re into innovation, functional equipment, and want to know what’s going to blow up over the next 12 months.

Guess what? We told you so.

Hoka best in show

Where’s Hoka OneOne taking you?

Hoka fans

Hoka OneOne – the evolution continues

Hoka OneOne in 2013 is very much the same as Hoka OneOne in 2010 – an innovative and super comfortable running shoe.

But, clearly, a couple of things have changed. No longer is Hoka OneOne a brand with one, big, bright yellow Hulk foot of a shoe that is visible from outer space. In fact, the latest shoes from Hoka – the Rapa Nui and the Kailua – look almost normal. But they’re not – not entirely.

One of the most common questions we get at running and triathlon expos that we go to and demo runs that we put on from time to time is, ‘what’s the difference between the models?’. It’s not the most exciting sounding question, it’s definitely not as intriguing as, ‘what makes these different?’ (I mean, have you seen our shoes?) but it is a great question to answer. Answering the simple question, ‘what’s the difference between the models?’ is probably the easiest way to explain the evolution of Hoka OneOne, and therefore to understand just where the new Rapa Nui and Kailua fit in.

Current models, a comparison

Current models, a comparison

So here, briefly, is the evolution of the Hoka range. Read more of this post

Hillary Hardcore – making a solo splash on New Zealand’s revered 75km

This is a great read from Sally Law. She and her man Mal are mates of mine and two of the awesomest people you could hope to get stuck in a wilderness with. New Zealand’s Hillary Trail has been subject to a growing number of solo runs, fastest known time attempts and even doubles over the years, and a recent effort to launch an official race there was scuttled over environmental concerns regarding impacts on a native plant species. It would be incredible to see that event actually get up, though, as it would attract the same level of interest as Kepler and Routeburn in next to no time.

This is a quick video of what a run on the Hillary looks like.

Anyway, we were reading some posts by Sal on the weekend when she up and ran the HT. I didn’t realize until seeing her writeup on Facebook this morning that she actually swam half of it. So I’ve pinched the story and it’s here until she tells us to take it down. Enjoy!

Sally Law, 75km in the bag and fresh as a daisy 🙂

Hillary Trail Run Report.
75kms of hilly single track.
Start: 05:00 18th August
Finish: 18:03

It had rained often during the preceding 2 weeks and poured down for several hours the night before. Therefore the sound of water is what I recall most about the first half of the run all the way from Arataki to Karekare: dripping, gurgling and the splashing of my feet on muddy trails that were quite often doubling as waterways. Read more of this post

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