From Broken Back to Endurance Running World Record: Kevin Muller

If you want to master the tyranny of the long run, take a few tips from Kevin Muller. In this great interview with Kevin Cassidy in the latest issue of Run 4 Your Life, he talks about everything from his first marathon to endurance mindset, ham & pineapple pizza and a renegade training regime.

He’s a mean competitor but also one of the nicest guys on the Australian, and now world, ultrarunning circuit.

Kevin Cassidy's profile of Kevin Muller in the latest issue of Run4YourLife magazine

Kevin Cassidy’s profile of Kevin Muller in the latest issue of Run4YourLife magazine

474 race kilometres in 4 very ultra weekends

Hi, this is Roger from Hoka in Australia. I’m taking on an extreme running challenge starting this weekend at Great Ocean Walk. It’s not going to be fast, it’s not going to be pretty, but it’s definitely going to get interesting.

2013 Hoka OneOne running top now available online

That’s right! Now available online to Australia for $35 including delivery, men’s in black on white, women’s in pink on white. These super-breathable technical running singlets from our friends at Get Shirty wick sweat away and feel comfortable for running all day long. Check out the apparel section at and simply ask for the new men’s or women’s top in the comments section.


New models & new colours – Hoka OneOne hitting Australia hard this week.

There are a boatload of upgrades and new models hitting this week. Capital city shoe specialists should have these starting to appear on shelves by Wednesday afternoon. Psyched!  🙂

First off the boat, the new Bondi. We think it looks pretty hot. You’re welcome to agree.

New for Australian runners, the Spring/Summer 2013 edition of the Bondi 2, breathable with a tougher upper, more padding behind the Achilles, and the same super-comfortable underfoot feel that defines every shoe from Hoka OneOne.

New for Australian runners, the Spring/Summer 2013 edition of the Bondi 2, breathable with a tougher upper, more padding behind the Achilles, and the same super-comfortable underfoot feel that defines every shoe from Hoka OneOne. Great for road, dry trail, and days when your legs or feet just feel like they need some extra loving.

There is a new Grey/White/Fushia women’s Bondi arriving next month, but this week we have the new women’s Bondi Speed 2 in sizes USW6-11. That’s right, women’s Hoka now Read more of this post

Mindblowing Endurance in Death Valley

Badwater is referred to with a degree of awe for good reason. Whether there may be counter-claims for the title of Toughest Endurance Event On Earth, there is no doubt that this 135-mile slog across Death Valley – a place so hot and dry that without water even highly conditioned endurance athletes face death within hours – holds the original claim to that honour.

Grant Maughan. Just not sure if this is the start line of the single Badwater, or the finish line of his double Badwater….

I am so happy to have just received this epic writeup from Grant Maughan, 2013 Australian competitor. It’s a long piece that really starts with a slow burn but ultimately takes root like wildfire. If you don’t know how it ends, it’s certainly not for me to spoil it for you. Just read it. I dare you to not be moved.

The grime of the road & the desert had peppered me with a thick grungy coating, my teeth felt like unfinished concrete. I could feel the stiffness in my clothing as I moved , caked as they were in salt & dirt. I felt very alive , though physiologically I was probably more like a corpse . To some it is a wonder that people would do this kind of thing to themselves but honestly, I have come to regard that feeling of total depletion & ragged fatigue as a maxim of my existence. I find it quietly satisfying, just like the free dive to the abyss , where you go to a place that your body is not really made to go , but then after your own efforts, return to the place that you really belong.

Grant’s blog is DingoFishExpress and I’ll definitely be ploughing through it further after reading this exceptional piece from the way-out-there. Thanks Grant!

Of course, if you’re too ADHD for a long-form read, Grant’s also kindly put together an 8-minute video. LOVE IT!

Desert Jane does it again!


Great Cost2Kosci collage from Sharon Scholz

Sharon is one of the better known characters and strongest performers in Australian ultra running. She holds national records over a number of distances and timed races and has a swag of podiums, not surprisingly. In 2013, along with her husband Justin – also an accomplished runner – Sharon will be putting on the First National Wangaratta Marathon. It’s a dual loop of a 21km course that sounds fast, scenic, and will be supporting Little Athletics Australia in an area that has copped it hard over the past few years – country Australia.

Check it out – great people, a great sounding event with a variety of distances, and a good excuse to get out of the city.

That’s just part of a bigger story though. Having previously run Australia’s peak ultra for the year, Coast2Kosci, Sharon had won the event and placed third last year, when running machine Julia Fatton decimated the course record. This year, barely a few months ago, Sharon was running for Australia in the 24 Hour World Championships. Things didn’t work out and she withdrew early.

It probably doesn’t occur to most people that it is much harder to know what it’s like to run like a champion, but have a tough day out, than to have never tasted success, or felt the weight of those expectations – both from others and oneself. But Sharon wanted to finish the year on top of Australia. So, knowing that it wasn’t going to be her fastest time or her easiest run ever, she toed the line on December 7, setting out at 5:30am with nearly 3 dozen other hopefuls, uncertain how the next 30+ hours and 240km would unfold.

Just like Jo Blake, who holds the course record but still kept going even when his began to unravel with nearly 100km to go, Sharon ran with the heart of a champion, finishing what she started. Her race writeup pulls no punches and this video collage of race photos with a bit of personal storytelling gives a great glimpse into what the run meant for her. Thanks Shaz!!

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