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Mindblowing Endurance in Death Valley

Badwater is referred to with a degree of awe for good reason. Whether there may be counter-claims for the title of Toughest Endurance Event On Earth, there is no doubt that this 135-mile slog across Death Valley – a place so hot and dry that without water even highly conditioned endurance athletes face death within hours – holds the original claim to that honour.

Grant Maughan. Just not sure if this is the start line of the single Badwater, or the finish line of his double Badwater….

I am so happy to have just received this epic writeup from Grant Maughan, 2013 Australian competitor. It’s a long piece that really starts with a slow burn but ultimately takes root like wildfire. If you don’t know how it ends, it’s certainly not for me to spoil it for you. Just read it. I dare you to not be moved.

The grime of the road & the desert had peppered me with a thick grungy coating, my teeth felt like unfinished concrete. I could feel the stiffness in my clothing as I moved , caked as they were in salt & dirt. I felt very alive , though physiologically I was probably more like a corpse . To some it is a wonder that people would do this kind of thing to themselves but honestly, I have come to regard that feeling of total depletion & ragged fatigue as a maxim of my existence. I find it quietly satisfying, just like the free dive to the abyss , where you go to a place that your body is not really made to go , but then after your own efforts, return to the place that you really belong.

Grant’s blog is DingoFishExpress and I’ll definitely be ploughing through it further after reading this exceptional piece from the way-out-there. Thanks Grant!

Of course, if you’re too ADHD for a long-form read, Grant’s also kindly put together an 8-minute video. LOVE IT!

Hoka OneOne Tarmac, prime time Australian TV!!

Check it out!! Hoka OneOne Tarmacs in prime time, on The Project. Great work, Dominic Patrick Seamus Cooley.

Clearly one of Hoka’s Frequent Flyers. 75s in – very classy.



Journey of a million steps

That’s right, this pair of Bondi B that I cut in two the other day each must have landed close to a million times with the distance that they covered. And, frankly, they were still feeling good when they were retired. Tears in the long-suffering uppers and grip that had finally ripped off just meant it was time for the next pair.

Will you get the same mileage from your Hoka? Probably not. I wanted to really beat these up and see how long they would keep feeling good, however ragged they got along the way. So don’t start writing in to say your shoes got ratty after just a couple of hundred miles. Where are you running? In a supermarket? Your shoes should be dirty after the first 5 hours my friend! Everybody runs different, which is just one of the many things we should all love about running.

If you run like a drunken monkey and put 500km on a normal pair of trainers before they’re ready for the furnace, I’d still expect you to have more fun for longer in a pair of Bondi B, Tarmac or Evo. And if you think that’s just crazy, check out our friend Jane Trumper – she got over 2,000km out of her shoes, and she’s vertically challenged. That means she must have got, like, I dunno – a billion strides out of hers. Right Jane?   : )

One more vid to come before we take these to New Zealand for the Barfoot & Thompson World Triathlon Grand Final in October, so tune in for a closer look at the main features of Hoka design when we post that for you next week.

Now go run!


I just cut my Hoka OneOne Bondi B in half.

Thinking outside the shoebox…

Fresh video! Jane Trumper hits her 100th, at Sydney Marathon.

Onya Small!! We’re proud to be the shoes that keep you achieving injury-free endurance goals that boggle the mind  : ) Here’s one of the many stories from yesterday’s Sydney Marathon.

Good on all of you who ran yesterday, it was refreshing to feel the first time nerves that were happening all about the place at the starting line.

And if you think Jane’s an inspiration, please give a little to the cause that she gives a lot to.

Sydney Marathon, Trumper’s 100th: shenanigans!

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