The Hoka OneOne Bondi – what makes this running shoe so different?

For Australian runners, the Bondi B/ Bondi Low/ Bondi Speed/ Bondi 2/ Bondi 3 in all its incarnations has been the shoe that grabbed so much attention when Hoka first came to Australia back in 2011, the shoe that most users of Hoka OneOne running gear will have at least one pair of, and that probably offers the clearest first experience to new wearers of what Hoka OneOne means.

See the grey ones in the middle – that was my first pair of Bondi Bs! It kind of gets me emotional, and then I just feel grateful for the new colour schemes 🙂 Click on the picture for my first ever writeup of the Bondi B as well.

The Hoka OneOne Bondi puts 24.5mm of superlight cushioning under the forefoot, 29mm under the heel, and in the latest model – the Bondi 3 – it weighs in at 315g in a US8.5 men’s model and 267g in a US6.5W women’s model. You couldn’t possibly fit that much marshmallow under someone’s foot without tripling the weight of the shoe, but running on marshmallows is one of the most typical ways we hear new Hoka runners describe the feeling of the Bondi. Running on clouds, running on a trampoline, running on pillows – these are also common ways for runners to describe their first experience of the Bondi.

Fast forward 3 years, and the Bondi is a very advanced new animal with the same classic midsole and a number of champion endurance athletes singing its praises. #toldyouso

When you strap the Bondi to tired legs, or when you’re deep into a half-marathon or full marathon with less fatigue than you might be used to, suddenly the shoes weigh next to nothing and those clouds you’re running on feel like they’re racing toward the horizon. That, of course, is subjective. Read more of this post

2013 Hoka OneOne running top now available online

That’s right! Now available online to Australia for $35 including delivery, men’s in black on white, women’s in pink on white. These super-breathable technical running singlets from our friends at Get Shirty wick sweat away and feel comfortable for running all day long. Check out the apparel section at and simply ask for the new men’s or women’s top in the comments section.


First look at new Hoka OneOne, arriving in August

Want to see what you stand to win in the Hoka Running Story Competition?

Up top you can see one of the new men’s Tarmac in a road-suited black, blue, and silver. The women’s Tarmac is looking hot in a variety of dewberry, orchid, and grey. The designers have been playing with some pretty sexy varieties of purple and you’re going to see more of that used in different ways when the new range arrives because there are a lot more shoes to look at than we’re showing you just yet.

And the NEW model that you get a taste of in August will be the women’s Kailua. The model pictured is the Kailua Tarmac, but we’re also looking forward to the release of the Kailua Trail. It’s basically Hoka OneOne’s racing flat, putting 5mm less foam under your forefoot and heel but with some clever engineering work from the Hoka Genius Department to keep you flying at your next road race. If you love hard surface running but have resisted Hoka OneOne because of your fear of the chunk, then this will be the shoe that helps it all make sense.

You’ll try Hoka OneOne. You’ll go for a run.

And you’ll Keep Running.

Hoka running story and new gear

Hokas Pokas!

photo(117)Just catching up on entries for the Hoka OneOne Running Story Competition that have piled up in the inbox while I was away running in the glorious Australian desert. If you think you’re entertaining and reckon you wouldn’t mind winning 2 sets of new Stinsons, then you’d better get your story to us ASAP. Be funny, or be disastrous, but you don’t have to mention – or even wear – Hoka OneOne for your chance at the big prize. Graham Jones and the boys do mention Hokas in their running stories, because, well…. Graham can tell you why…

My story is full of laughs, disaster and lots of running. Firstly put together a team of four to complete the 96km Kokoda Challenge with my wife and two mates. In two months lost Dave to a minor stroke and heart attack, Greg to bad knees and Julie to herniated discs in her back.  I was left to find a team Read more of this post

Lose yourself?

Ha! Nice one Anna, we’re having flashbacks to loads of training sessions we’ve had and running videos we’ve made  🙂

I could try to explain, but I think Anna does it better than I could. Here’s the latest of many entries in our Running Story Competition. Enjoy!


I thought I would enter this comp, as most of my trail runs have something go wrong in them.
Last year I decided to get some hill work in at Mount Dandenong. I photocopied a page from the street directory and planned a route that would include a particularly long and steep hill. Read more of this post

Trail runner unleeched!

Finally! Thank you Natalie Watson! Proving once again that toilet humour and vicious wildlife get a laugh every time. Come on, people, we’re looking for running stories. We want terror, trauma, and partial nudity. Natalie’s given us all 3! AMEN!!

On a training run while traversing parts of the GNW course my running buddy and I took on plenty of food and water to keep our nutrition up. However, the down side of this is that sometimes we need to visit the bush toilet which can be hazardous, dangerous and sometimes funny!

After a long technical trail section I came to a more open dirt trail and thought, great I’ll go for Read more of this post

Sweet Victorian trail running – new video

Just got this clip from our friends at Southern Exposure. They put on Run Forrest recently as a short to medium length trail run, their first foray from mountain biking into the rougher, tougher, not-so-carbon world of trail running.

Does it look like they got a great turnout and a lot of people had an awesome time?

Hell yeah!

Desert Jane does it again!


Susan’s ‘eye for opportunity’

Here’s another entry in our Running Story Competition, this time from Kristen Brace. She lets us in on the secret of how the mountain girls have all become such good runners.

They train hard! I think we could all do with a friend like Susan.

Kristen Brace putting her training (and her Hokas!) to good use on the Landslide at The North Face 100 earlier this year.

Kristen Brace putting her training (and her Hokas!) to good use on the Landslide at The North Face 100 earlier this year.

I always wear my Hoka OneOne’s when running with my buddy Susan, apart from all the Hoka benefits we all know about, these awesome shoes help me survive Susan’s ‘eye for opportunity’. Read more of this post

Funny Running Story

Great story awaited us this morning, this one is from William Deering.

My funny running story was when I ran in the Point to Pinnacle in Hobart Tasmania 2011, As it was a half marathon distance I thought I’d knock it off under 2 hours. Well the gun went off and I sprinted off the start line at the Wrest Point Casino in beautiful 22 degree sunshine. Read more of this post

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