The Maximalist Shoe Trend: Who started it?

Well, we did, obviously  🙂

And it’s fun to note that Hoka OneOne has been around more or less exactly as long as the minimalist shoe trend, as observed by Alister McMillan in his discussion of where runners are heading in 2014 in the Executive Life section of today’s issue of The Australian. Brands that wait for trends to happen will never create them.

Read this article then  check out the new 2014 range of Hoka OneOne Conquest, Bondi, Rapa Nui, Kailua and Stinson, which will be arriving and shipping mid next week. These will also be available from a running specialist near you.

The article by Alister McMillan in The Australian national newspaper announcing the coming of age of maximalism Jan 24 2014

The article by Alister McMillan in The Australian national newspaper announcing the coming of age of maximalism Jan 24 2014

Beautiful Running in Italy, and Rapa Nui Trails

Loving this video, shot from a drone and posted to the Hoka OneOne Australia Facebook by an Italian-based fan, Enrico Bocci.

It’s not just the terrain that’s different to Australian forest in this clip. Enjoy!

(and buy some Rapa Nui Trail from our shop or your local running specialist when you’re done)

The running evolution that is taking over…

When a particularly large, superlight, and strange looking shoe appeared a few years ago, some thought it was science, others sorcery, but most just plain silly. The shoe outperformed the expectations of most and stale indignation turned slowly to intrigue.

Current models, a comparison

Current models, a comparison

Now, many runners have at least one friend pounding out the miles on trail or road in a pair of Hoka OneOne and even if they don’t, judging from Outdoor Retailer’s latest Gearapallooza, next year they’ll probably know someone running in a Hoka CloneClone.

Hoka One One is a real game changer – which is why so many other brands – even those touting minimal shoes very recently – are now introducing Hoka inspired shoes.   However, it seems as if they are strictly copying the oversize nature of some of the most popular Hoka models – which is only one aspect of the design.  Simply being oversized will not provide the same benefit as Hoka One One shoes.  There is more to the technology than just that.

That’s Jim Van Dine, Hoka’s global Brand President talking to RunBlogRun in a fresh new interview we thought you’d find interesting.

Read more here…

Hoka OneOne Conquest 2014

WIN THE NEW STUFF in the Hoka OneOne Australia Running Story Competition

We’ve been brewing this one for a while. New running gear is always a bit exciting and who doesn’t like a laugh on the trail/endless road session/ morning jog/ disastrously navigated night run/ horrific off-the-bike bonk?

To celebrate the impending arrival of our 2013/2014 range (it’s still about 10 weeks away, but we’re pretty excitable), we have created a fun and potentially entertaining way for one lucky Hoka OneOne follower or over-enthusiastic runner ANYWHERE IN AUSTRALIA OR NEW ZEALAND to win the first pair of new season Tarmac AND Evo off the boat in September.

That’s right – you can win your very own complete set of Stinson twins just by sharing your FUNNIEST or MOST DISASTROUS running story.
If your story has at least THREE OF THE FOLLOWING ELEMENTS – Running, Funny, Running, Disaster – then you could be the proud owner of a hot new combination of all-terrain happy-footed Hoka fun.

The more the merrier, so tell your mates – especially the one with that yarn about the time when, y’know…

The Hoka OneOne Running Story Competition. GET ON IT!!

The Hoka OneOne Running Story Competition. GET ON IT!!

Another injury-free runner

Tess Fabian has been Hoka-enthused for over a year now. As a manager at InTraining Running Shoe Clinic, Brisbane, she was one of the first retailers to get on board with the new brand. Let’s face it, Tess should be appreciated! Back then, our shoes worked much, much better than they looked!

Since then, the brand and design have evolved. And Tess though it was time to write about her favourite running shoe for 20,000 of her favourite customers.

Hoka InTraining Review March/April 2013

Hoka InTraining Review March/April 2013

Going downhill fast…

This was too funny not to share! Guy Andrews is an elite endurance athlete and adventure racer who has come on board with Hoka OneOne Australia over the last few months. Graeme Rundle is a client who has previously asked Guy about Hoka OneOne, and here is his feedback after a first run…

Mr Andrews,
here is my Hoka one one Stinson review.

Started 6 am Sunday Enviro Centre heading off into bush to turn around top of Apple Tree Park approx 20 km total return journey.
The beginning of the run was met with a little scepticism, not quite sure how I felt about them. My wife was constantly asking how they were, what was I feeling in them etc etc. Ive got to admit the first 5 ks I found them really heavy and bulky, especially when I went through 10 creeks in total. Constantly thinking to myself, “I don’t know, I’ll try some others and compare, not really sure at all if I liked them”.

The rest of the way home I was hitting 3 minute k pace with ease, on bloody trails with rocks. I realised you just have to let go, the shoes do the work for you, you just have to point them in the direction and hang on.

Then we turned around and ran back to the car. Down hill most of the way. Well eff me ragged, what the hell was on my feet. Something happened, I have no idea, it was like the bloody shoes were talking to me saying. ” come on, fly you fat bastard, go for it, you can’t feel the ground, let it rip. I have never kicked my wife’s ass on any run ever. I went cruising past her still in second gear, grinning as I glided past her, then I let it rip on the steepest part, it was like down hill skiing mate. I was jumping ridge to ridge, leaping fallen trees, flying down this bloody mountain that almost killed me on the way up. With no fear, no hesitation, only complete control and confidence. Could not believe what I was experiencing. When I got down the bottom and waited for my wife to catch up, all I could say was ” that was fun” lets do it again.
The rest of the way home I was hitting 3 minute k pace with ease, on bloody trails with rocks.
I realised you just have to let go, the shoes do the work for you, you just have to point them in the direction and hang on. F&@$ mate that was the most enjoyable run I have had in bloody years. Unreal.

Graeme Rundle

Hoka OneOne Run 4 Your Life magazine’s ‘next big thing’.

Cheers to the runners at Run 4 Your Life magazine for their review of the Tarmac. Recent articles by a number of journalists are finally drawing attention to the practice of buying reviews. With the almost constant string of positive reviews that Hoka OneOne running shoes receive it probably appears that we engage in this practice, but no.

We don’t fly reviewers to exotic locations, we don’t fork out cash for comment, and we usually ask for reviewed shoes to be returned so they can be sent out to events like this weekend’s Elite Energy Ultimate Tri at Forster as part of our demo stock. We don’t do anything fancy, we just make a truly revolutionary running shoe that works brilliantly for most people who end up running in it, whatever their reason.

visit to see our full range as available to Australia and New Zealand

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