Wild Women on Top

Wild Women on Top are an active group of trainers, trekkers, and fitness buffs who love a good challenge. A great big one that they help make possible is Sydney Coastrek, a mighty teams ultra event that generates massive and growing dollars for the Fred Hollows Foundation each year. Getting fit, training and encouraging many people – women especially – into their first 50 or 100km event, all while helping restore the eyesight of others really is a win-win-win.

Meeting with a number of WWOT’s organisers and trainers on the weekend was a great opportunity to hear what they’re up to and see some of the hard work they put in behind the scenes making sure that they’re as skilled up as they can possibly be to ensure that their clients and teammates all have the best preparation and event experience that they possibly can.

Click here for their latest newsletter and we recommend checking out the timetable for both their training and travel groups.

WWOT late Jan 2014 newsletter

If you run, this is all the Christmas tree you need…

Hoka xmas bp


And remember: it’s not too much pudding, it’s a commitment to carb-loading.

See you in the New Year with the New Gear.

Trail runner unleeched!

Finally! Thank you Natalie Watson! Proving once again that toilet humour and vicious wildlife get a laugh every time. Come on, people, we’re looking for running stories. We want terror, trauma, and partial nudity. Natalie’s given us all 3! AMEN!!

On a training run while traversing parts of the GNW course my running buddy and I took on plenty of food and water to keep our nutrition up. However, the down side of this is that sometimes we need to visit the bush toilet which can be hazardous, dangerous and sometimes funny!

After a long technical trail section I came to a more open dirt trail and thought, great I’ll go for Read more of this post

Broken but unbeaten – check out this Hoka hero, Stuntman Chas!

It’s unlikely that any other running shoe dealer receives this kind of feedback. This particular letter stood out from even the wide range of fantastic correspondence we receive every couple of weeks from people thanking Hoka for making their run fun, fast, or even possible. Thanks so much Chas for letting us share this letter. We love it  : )
To whom it may concern,
I was first told about your shoes by a friend Kim Ballard ( Ballards Offroad ). Kim is an experienced athlete and I am so very grateful for her excellent advice recommending Hoka One One shoes to me.
I have been an active motorcycle club racer for most of my life , raced Sprint Cars and kept above average fitness with a healthy lifestyle.
I am currently employed by Monza Imports Australia. Monza  Imports are one of Aust largest Action Sports Importers and distributors.
Another way to fly...

Another way to fly…

It is fair to say I have lived an active life. Unfortunately I have broken 20 bones during my racing years. I have had 2 knee reconstructions, and at the age of 38 fractured my  left femur , 22cm through the knee cap up my bone  and another 12cm to the side also from the knee. This was 5 years ago. I have not been able to, or been comfortable with running since. I  could only dream of running again. I can recall running 7 klms 3 to 4 times a week and totally loving it when I was 37 before my crash.

I just started surfing again after a good 20 year break. I am in love with surfing and enjoy competing at long board events. But still faced with my weak leg and not being able to run. Last Sept I had another surgery on my left knee and since have been able to use my MTB and road cycle to aid in training.
Cowabunga duuude!

Cowabunga duuude!

I am currently obtaining my Standup Paddle Board Instructors certification needed to start my own, Standup Paddle Board School on the  Hawkesbury and Nepean Rivers, in Windsor & Penrith.

 To be a  certified Surfing Aust SUP instructor you MUST  pass annually a surf lifeguard course. I was totally worried on how  I would  be able to run,  well enough to pass this course and meet the standard required.
Thanks to Hoka One One, I am able to run again and complete the  training needed, to enable me to achieve another goal in life!
Thank you guys for your amazing product.  I am so impressed with the shoes ( I am wearing them every day!). I have my life back! “ time to fly”!
The Guys at Panther Cycles in Penrith are a great store and are very  worthy of your brand!
Kind regards,
Chas Groom

Sales Representative – Monza Imports Aust Pty Ltd

You're a driven man, Chas. Nice to meet you!

You’re a driven man, Chas. Nice to meet you!

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