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If you’re going to Melbourne Iron Man, if you’re making it along to the You Can Fitness You Can Run seminar at Macedon (also Victoria), or to the Tre-X Australian Cross-Triathlon Championships and Dirt Fest also featuring Hoka athletes Guy Andrews and Michael Milton – we’ll be there!So whether you’re an adventure racer or Victorian runner who has been screaming out for a taste of Hoka goodness, come find us – we’ll be around!

We’ll also be at the Elite Energy Tri in Wollongong on March 9 weekend, we’ll be backing our superhot team of Nikki Wynd, David Eadie, Scott Hawker and Team Hoka US Jason Schlarb at Tarawera on March 16 and THEN, as if March isn’t already big enough, we’re backing John ‘Howie’ Howe as he chases down Pat Farmer’s longstanding Simpson Desert record.

John Howe, profiled in NT Times prior to his upcoming crack at the Simpson Desert record - 379km in 3 days, 8 hours, and some hard earned change.

John Howe, profiled in NT Times prior to his upcoming crack at the Simpson Desert record – 379km in 3 days, 8 hours, and some hard earned change.



Running shoes for 2013: R4YL magazine

Tarmac 2013

I have to say that we are fans of Run 4 Your Life magazine. They constantly demonstrate the maturity needed to consider and appreciate a range of different approaches to running and running technology. We’re especially stoked that they have recognized that Hoka OneOne is a new concept done well.

MBT, for those who don’t know the brand, is Masai Barefoot Technology, developed from the idea that many Masai in Africa protect their feet by tying pieces of car tyre underneath them. We see a marked difference between Hoka and MBT, despite initial visual similarities. Aside from the differences in weight and performance, MBT try to achieve their goal of enlivening the muscles by creating an instability platform. Hoka keeps the muscles alive on the run for longer by providing a dependable stability platform.

Bondi and Tarmac Jan 2013 r4yl cover

Some call it The Jesus Shoe

We are getting a steady flow of entries from runners with their Hoka Moment of 2012 for our latest competition. What was your big moment in Hoka OneOne in 2012? Did you start running again, did you go sub-3 at the marathon, was it a 10km PB, or were you just happy to run without pain from plantar fasciitis or shin splints for a change?

It can be long or short, but tell us how Hoka OneOne helped your running moment happen in 2012 for your chance to win limited edition gear.

Here is a story which might help you understand why some people call it The Jesus Shoe, a piece of footwear that occasionally delivers seemingly unlikely miracles. A Sydney to Hobart sailor, Pete went from back injury in the Sydney to Hobart through people telling him his running days were finished to quick half-marathon, successful first marathon, and a 4th male in his first 12-hour race in just one year, and he says Hoka made it possible for him.


Thepete Effects’ Hoka Moment of 2012

My year of 2012 started really bad with a back injury from the sydney to hobart race keeping me out of running for a few months while trying to prepare for my first marathon in April. I rehabbed the back in the gym, stopped running for a while and then got better slowly, then started running and overtrained like all sh*t and wound up with a bruised heelbone and couldn’t even walk for 3 weeks. I was completely dejected and missed alot of sailing commitments as well as my marathon and wondered whether I’d come back from it.

Everyone in my life was telling me to stop running and give up the marathons but i really wanted to come back so did my research and came across Hokas and when i started walking again decided to try a pair (by now it was the end of May). I fell in love with my crazy new shoes and started walking and doing 5 to 10 minutes of running at a time and slowly started building and building and when I finally got a long run of 18kms in I was feeling confident enough to target the Melbourne Marathon in October, so I bit the bullet and entered and also threw in the Sydney Half Marathon for good measure. I had no idea what my fitness was like in Sydney. By now I’d bought a new pair of Stinson Tarmacs and was feeling good but clueless on my fitness. I was running a lot more but only kept loose check on my speed more the kms I was doing .

And feeling bloody great I took 9 minutes off my time from the year before injury and coming in at 91 minutes feeling stoked as hell. Amazed? I couldn’t believe it. I then tried to just keep my focus for Melbourne as I’d never run more than 31kms before and just wanted above all else to enjoy my first one and be keen to come back for more. So nervous as hell but smiling I found myself on the start of the marathon in the 3hr 40 group thinking that was a realistic goal for me to stick with for a bit and reasses around halfway. I got into it and just focused on the job and at around 20 kms found myself with the 3 :20 bus feeling comfortable.

I hung around with the group until the 30 km mark and decided I’d go for it. I was feeling good and while it did get hard I focused and ended up grinding out a 3 hour 17 first mara! I was completely stunned after the year I’d had and how close i was to the edge while I wasn’t training and felt bloody fantastic. And I couldn’t have done it without my Hokas, which I have a serious problem with if you ask any of my mates who get tired of me talking about them! Since then i know its 2013 but i couldn’t get the idea of the Narrabeen 12hr out of my head and I’ll keep it short since I’ve ranted so much but i ended up somehow coming in as 4th male with 106.9kms and being awarded the trophy for best rookie ultra runner. I’m amazed still how well it all has gone and look forward to more long runs with my Hokas! My goals for this year aren’t totally set yet but I’m going to try do 2 more 100km races and see how much more I can learn about myself and ultra running and get closer to my dream of running Coast2Kosci!

Sorry for the rant mate but it has been a real emotional year and i hope you like the story.

Yeah Pete – we LOVE your story. It’s the kind of story we hear so much from people who take the chance on our shoes. It’s just even more miraculous than usual. We’re pumped for you and hope your Hoka story encourages a few more people to share theirs.

Keep those entries coming in! What was your Hoka moment of 2012?

Bondi 2013 all 3

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