How much do you really love your Hoka OneOne?

Some friends just sent us this pic in answer to the above question. It’s their way of saying ‘a lot’!

Thanks Shane & Belinda! I think you've covered pretty much every model.

Thanks Shane & Belinda! I think you’ve covered pretty much every model.

They even got the font right. 🙂

Why just compete when you can meet Superfreaks?

WARNING: This video features airborne nudity and an *-bomb

Running, it’s the sport we love because it gives people an excuse to tell us how far they drive.

If you’ve ever run a marathon, you will understand that joke.

You’ll also probably understand Andrew Hedgman, one of Hoka Australia’s Ambassadors of Awesome.

He has broken the 3-minute rule in his first video blog, which ticks in at just over 5-minutes but we’re pretty sure you’ll get a laugh and more from it. Which is a fancy way of saying it’s time well spent.

It’s also a nice reminder that running is about more than course records.

A Runner Feeling Sheep ish

HA! Steve Nairn’s entry in the Hoka Running Story Competition had us rolling on the floor, after we made sure it was safe to do so.

Given my time constraints due to having a family and full time study to attend to I have to partake in my running under the cover of darkness. This is not an issue, and I have grown to enjoy the other aspects compared to running in daylight.

Benefits of running in darkness are that i see few if any other people on the trails and have beautiful views over the city lights and the starry sky on clear nights. The downsides are obvious – namely the limited views of the landscape or more refined features in the landscape. My trails typically take me through farmland with livestock.

One particular night recently, I was ascending a fence line ridge when suddenly a little lamb was curled up against the fence looking rather upset. I picked up the lamb and continued on my way with the hope of offering it to another mother. This was, I think, a success. On my way again, feeling very proud of myself, the extra speed I was putting in was making me sweat.

Using my sleeve to wipe my face i felt a rather thick creamy feeling.

Please do us all a favour and be as funny as Steve Nairn if you think you can. Check out the details and get your entries in. Final weeks running out fast.

Hoka running story and new gear

Shining my light on my arm i noticed it was covered in s*%#, as was my face. Having a spare top in my bag i was able to use my sweaty top to clean up and once again move on. Perhaps another downside of running in the dark is the inability to recognize when you are in deep s*%#.

Anyway, lesson learnt.

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