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Tarmac 2013

I have to say that we are fans of Run 4 Your Life magazine. They constantly demonstrate the maturity needed to consider and appreciate a range of different approaches to running and running technology. We’re especially stoked that they have recognized that Hoka OneOne is a new concept done well.

MBT, for those who don’t know the brand, is Masai Barefoot Technology, developed from the idea that many Masai in Africa protect their feet by tying pieces of car tyre underneath them. We see a marked difference between Hoka and MBT, despite initial visual similarities. Aside from the differences in weight and performance, MBT try to achieve their goal of enlivening the muscles by creating an instability platform. Hoka keeps the muscles alive on the run for longer by providing a dependable stability platform.

Bondi and Tarmac Jan 2013 r4yl cover

Hoka OneOne Run 4 Your Life magazine’s ‘next big thing’.

Cheers to the runners at Run 4 Your Life magazine for their review of the Tarmac. Recent articles by a number of journalists are finally drawing attention to the practice of buying reviews. With the almost constant string of positive reviews that Hoka OneOne running shoes receive it probably appears that we engage in this practice, but no.

We don’t fly reviewers to exotic locations, we don’t fork out cash for comment, and we usually ask for reviewed shoes to be returned so they can be sent out to events like this weekend’s Elite Energy Ultimate Tri at Forster as part of our demo stock. We don’t do anything fancy, we just make a truly revolutionary running shoe that works brilliantly for most people who end up running in it, whatever their reason.

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