Wild Women on Top

Wild Women on Top are an active group of trainers, trekkers, and fitness buffs who love a good challenge. A great big one that they help make possible is Sydney Coastrek, a mighty teams ultra event that generates massive and growing dollars for the Fred Hollows Foundation each year. Getting fit, training and encouraging many people – women especially – into their first 50 or 100km event, all while helping restore the eyesight of others really is a win-win-win.

Meeting with a number of WWOT’s organisers and trainers on the weekend was a great opportunity to hear what they’re up to and see some of the hard work they put in behind the scenes making sure that they’re as skilled up as they can possibly be to ensure that their clients and teammates all have the best preparation and event experience that they possibly can.

Click here for their latest newsletter and we recommend checking out the timetable for both their training and travel groups.

WWOT late Jan 2014 newsletter

South Australian runners, Hoka is finally coming to Adelaide.

Gotta love a new running store that appreciates both progress and their customers. Adelaide, get behind The Running Company when they open this week. Let them know what Hoka you need and we’ll be there soon.
Thank you to Chris for seeing the potential here and Sadie, Paul , and Maurice for your active support.

Where’s Hoka OneOne taking you?

Hoka fans

From Obesity to World Recordholder.

We hear a lot of pretty incredible feedback from people running in Hoka about what the shoe has helped them to overcome. It can be part of a return to running, increased mileage, or even something they report as part of their recovery from conditions such as plantar fasciitis, calf tears, Achilles issues, shin splints, and knee pain. But sometimes we find amazing stories without even realizing that Hoka was a part of them.

A few weeks ago, Hoka OneOne inadvertently featured in a story in the South Morning China Post about well-liked ultrarunner Andre Blumberg and his preparations for serious ultrarunning through his use of altitude training. Andre used to be unhappy with his physical condition and has taken on the challenge of self-improvement in the most radical way, now chasing down a Grand Slam by attempting 4 of the major US 100-milers within a calendar year.

Andre Blumberg in his Ultimate Direction 12L Ultimate Series vest, Salomon shorts, and Hoka OneOne Stinson Evo.

We have been on the feet of pace and first-run record-setting ultrarunners completing multiple long races about the world, including Jane Trumper’s first-woman-across-the-Simpson-from-the-centre-of-Australia 670km last year. But I have only now come across the story of Carrie Swidecki, as she has just tweeted us in the past couple of days.

OK, it’s not your typical athlete story, although Carrie did set an endurance record.

That’s right. Carrie set a 48-hour dance record. 49 hours, 3 minutes, and 22seconds…. to be precise.

As amazing as that is in its own special way, what’s utterly fantastic is that Carrie is a couch story. Couch story? Couch-to-5k, couch-to-marathon, couch-to-ultra – Carrie was obese, but is now an ambassador for healthy childhood diets in schools, American schools. She found a goal in life when she first played the computer game Dance Dance Revolution, only to ever achieve her goals shoe would first need to lose over 30kg. Overcoming her own unhappiness through computerised dance challenges and willpower, she has now set 5 World Records, with the latest one being achieved in June this year over more than 2 days of X-Box-based rumpshaking.

And guess which dance shoes she wore…


Susan’s ‘eye for opportunity’

Here’s another entry in our Running Story Competition, this time from Kristen Brace. She lets us in on the secret of how the mountain girls have all become such good runners.

They train hard! I think we could all do with a friend like Susan.

Kristen Brace putting her training (and her Hokas!) to good use on the Landslide at The North Face 100 earlier this year.

Kristen Brace putting her training (and her Hokas!) to good use on the Landslide at The North Face 100 earlier this year.

I always wear my Hoka OneOne’s when running with my buddy Susan, apart from all the Hoka benefits we all know about, these awesome shoes help me survive Susan’s ‘eye for opportunity’. Read more of this post

Hoka OneOne Bondi reviewed, running technology hailed.

Hoka OneOne Bondi reviewed, running technology hailed.

From Run 4 Your Life magazine, 2013 Running Shoe Review issue, Feb-March 2013 issue.

Endurance Runner’s Delight, tonight 6pm Footpro, Melbourne

Click the images below for full details. Still a couple of places available for tonight.


I just cut my Hoka OneOne Bondi B in half.

Thinking outside the shoebox…

Roger tells some running stories in latest issue of Reps Magazine Australia

Reverend Hoka Roger writing in latest issue of Reps Magazine Australia

Hoka One One Quote of The Week

“Tried out the new @HokaAU today. These shoes make running feel like it’s supposed to! #Lovingit!!”

Quoting @DLBella

From Damian, at DLBella.com – self-described average age group triathlete. Cheers Damian – setting yourself up well to smash that 21.1km goal, however tired your swim legs might be.

For your Hoka One One needs, you’ll be happy to know that In Training will shortly be joining us as a Brisbane stockist, and in the meantime our shopfront is now up at http://www.HokaOneOne.com.au, offering Hoka for $229 including freight anywhere in Australia.

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