Malcolm Law’s Mountainous New Zealand Challenge: 50 Marathons in 50 Days

ew Zealand’s Malcolm Law is a master when it comes to running on the ragged edge. We’re big fans 🙂

Here’s an article from the latest issue of UltraFit magazine outlining a challenge and an opportunity. Malcolm is doing something amazing and daunting in 2015. If you’ve ever wanted to run trails in New Zealand, you might never have a better chance to do something equal parts spectacular and meaningful.

UltraFit Malcolm Law Story Jan-Feb 2014 100 png

Hoka’s cutting edge technology

There might be a lot of shoes that deserve to be cut in half by runners, but surely not Hoka! Nevertheless, here’s a great dissection of the shoe (yeah, that was a pun) by a Hoka OneOne fan.

1. Crazy outside but sane inside: As you can see in second photo in this post, the outsides of the shoe have a lot of visible foam. I think it stabilizes the wide sole, cups the heel and almost cradles the rest of the foot aside from simply giving Hoka One One shoes a very distinctive and recognizable look.  After slicing the shoe in half I realized that’s part of the secret: the shoe is a big party on the outside promising a different experience – and it is different ride: it is a wide shoe, it’s taller (although some of the height appearance may be a trick on the eyes because of the tall foam on the outside) and the cushioning is pretty luxurious, especially at the beginning. But looking at the cross-section it’s a lot more basic and definitely more akin to what you’d envision a “normal” running shoe to look like to the point of the above photo almost looking like it is another shoe. And for me, this combination of crazy but sane really works.

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What a great idea! Reminds me of something we did a little while ago….  🙂

Still 100km to get to halfway: Octember pt. 1 The Great Ocean Walk 100

Between October 12 and November 10, I have set myself the challenge of running 3 100km races and a 174km trailrunning slaughterhouse on one of Australia’s toughest 100-mile courses. It’s a total of 474 race kilometres within 30 days and even with 200 kilometres already down, I don’t feel any closer to the halfway mark. Maybe after this Sunday’s Ned Kelly Chase in Wangaratta (northern Victoria), when only the Great North Walk miler remains, I’ll feel like only the hardest part of Octember remains. But halfway isn’t the finish, and as every ultrarunner knows, it isn’t even halfway.

GOW map view

The Great Ocean Walk (shuffle, sprint, stagger, roll, run, shuffle, dawdle, heave, bolt)


RD Andy Hewat explains the GOW100’s complicated navigation protocol…

The first of the month’s 4 runs, the Great Ocean Walk 100, was on one of the most beautiful and unforgiving routes in Australia. With the simple instruction to keep the ocean on our left, close to a hundred runners raced, staggered, stumbled and deliriously zigzagged their way from Apollo Bay to the iconic Twelve Apostles. Perhaps if I’d been less preoccupied with thoughts of the long month ahead or had even just brought my climbing legs with me, I’d have run into sight of these monolithic oceanic landmarks before the sun had dropped from view for the day. Getting in just under 15 hours on a course that I’d expected to be a lot kinder was a good bucket of cold water to the face. Just as recently minted US Grand Slammer Andre Blumberg had advised me, confirming lessons from last year’s 4 Deserts Grand Slam, 4 out of 4 is a long game and it’s different than the one everyone else is playing. This challenge was going to be a challenge! Read more of this post

First look at new Hoka OneOne, arriving in August

Want to see what you stand to win in the Hoka Running Story Competition?

Up top you can see one of the new men’s Tarmac in a road-suited black, blue, and silver. The women’s Tarmac is looking hot in a variety of dewberry, orchid, and grey. The designers have been playing with some pretty sexy varieties of purple and you’re going to see more of that used in different ways when the new range arrives because there are a lot more shoes to look at than we’re showing you just yet.

And the NEW model that you get a taste of in August will be the women’s Kailua. The model pictured is the Kailua Tarmac, but we’re also looking forward to the release of the Kailua Trail. It’s basically Hoka OneOne’s racing flat, putting 5mm less foam under your forefoot and heel but with some clever engineering work from the Hoka Genius Department to keep you flying at your next road race. If you love hard surface running but have resisted Hoka OneOne because of your fear of the chunk, then this will be the shoe that helps it all make sense.

You’ll try Hoka OneOne. You’ll go for a run.

And you’ll Keep Running.

Hoka running story and new gear

WIN THE NEW STUFF in the Hoka OneOne Australia Running Story Competition

We’ve been brewing this one for a while. New running gear is always a bit exciting and who doesn’t like a laugh on the trail/endless road session/ morning jog/ disastrously navigated night run/ horrific off-the-bike bonk?

To celebrate the impending arrival of our 2013/2014 range (it’s still about 10 weeks away, but we’re pretty excitable), we have created a fun and potentially entertaining way for one lucky Hoka OneOne follower or over-enthusiastic runner ANYWHERE IN AUSTRALIA OR NEW ZEALAND to win the first pair of new season Tarmac AND Evo off the boat in September.

That’s right – you can win your very own complete set of Stinson twins just by sharing your FUNNIEST or MOST DISASTROUS running story.
If your story has at least THREE OF THE FOLLOWING ELEMENTS – Running, Funny, Running, Disaster – then you could be the proud owner of a hot new combination of all-terrain happy-footed Hoka fun.

The more the merrier, so tell your mates – especially the one with that yarn about the time when, y’know…

The Hoka OneOne Running Story Competition. GET ON IT!!

The Hoka OneOne Running Story Competition. GET ON IT!!

Hoka OneOne mans up.

If you’re a manny man man looking for your next hardass running shoe, don’t take our advice or listen to the hundreds of endurance athletes and longtime runners singing the praises of our genius design team. Take the advice of your favourite manny magazine, it’s right there in this month’s issue of Men’s Fitness.

We all wore Hoka OneOne trail shoes which have thick padded soles. They cushioned your feet and prevented blisters. Runners in cushioned shoes fared better.


Team Hoka USA: Jason Schlarb

Jason Schlarb has been travelling about New Zealand, running juicy semi-alpine terrain and fighting off that occasional bane of the ultra-traveller – lurgee!

In just over a week’s time he’ll be toeing the line at Tarawera with some of the best runners that ultra and trail running have to offer in 2013: Sage Canaday, Anton Krupicka, Emelie Forsberg, Tim Olsen, Brendan Davies and many more. He will of course also be lining up alongside Hoka OneOne Australia’s own David Eadie, Nikki Wynd, and Scott Hawker, who you’ll also be meeting on this blog over the next couple of days.

Jason Schlarb, blogging at

Jason, when did you start running in Hoka, and what has kept you running in them since?

Dave Mackey sent me a pair of Bondi in Iraq… I was a skeptic at first, but it only took one run. 

What is your currently preferred model and why?

Bondi- light, fast and just enough traction.  The Bondi gives me all the cushion I could ever want, but is still light enough for a fast race or workout.  The oversized surface area under foot on the Bondi provides all the traction I need for almost all my trail running.  I also really love that the Bondi is flexible and allows my foot to flex in a natural and efficient way.      

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