Hoka’s Julien Chorier podiums The North Face TransGranCanaria

Hoka OneOne’s recent 100-mile athlete addition is the European supremo, Julien Chorier. He has also recently picked up sponsorship from Compressport (copying Scott Hawker there maybe – nice one Scotty!). In the lead-up to the weekend’s epic ultra and 2nd event in the Ultra-Trail World Tour series for the year, Julien and a couple of his European Hoka teammates ran around the island demonstrating some of the upcoming new Hoka kit for 2014. Careful, some of these photos may get you over-excited, especially if you already have more than 4 pairs of Hoka OneOne in your current running rotation.

Endurance running champion Julien Chorier, in his high performance mystery Hoka OneOne, set for release July 2014

But of course, more important than the pre-event running around with photographers and trail journos was the team’s running across the island – 125km and 8,500+m elev. gain – for TransGranCanaria itself. Meghan M Hicks from iRunFar.com reports that Chorier’s strategy of running a controlled and steady race, persisting in the top 5 until opportunities became available later in the day paid solid dividends, with a move past Timothy Olsen in the final 20km allowing him to grab 2nd place behind legend & ultimate winner Ryan Sandes.

Hicks also reported after the event that there was shock as organisers called Sandes to say that he had been disqualified for failing to produce his space blanket at the finish line. However, they had asked for his ‘cover’, an expression which meant little to many of the competitors and he was reinstated shortly after once the confusion was cleared up, as he had indeed had his space blanket in his pack as required.

Julian Chorier (Hoka OneOne), Ryan Sandes (Salomon Running-Red Bull), Timothy Olson (The North Face)

For Meghan M Hicks round-up of the race, go here

For information about Hoka OneOne running shoes, local Australian running stockists, or to buy online, go here

Journey of a million steps

That’s right, this pair of Bondi B that I cut in two the other day each must have landed close to a million times with the distance that they covered. And, frankly, they were still feeling good when they were retired. Tears in the long-suffering uppers and grip that had finally ripped off just meant it was time for the next pair.

Will you get the same mileage from your Hoka? Probably not. I wanted to really beat these up and see how long they would keep feeling good, however ragged they got along the way. So don’t start writing in to say your shoes got ratty after just a couple of hundred miles. Where are you running? In a supermarket? Your shoes should be dirty after the first 5 hours my friend! Everybody runs different, which is just one of the many things we should all love about running.

If you run like a drunken monkey and put 500km on a normal pair of trainers before they’re ready for the furnace, I’d still expect you to have more fun for longer in a pair of Bondi B, Tarmac or Evo. And if you think that’s just crazy, check out our friend Jane Trumper – she got over 2,000km out of her shoes, and she’s vertically challenged. That means she must have got, like, I dunno – a billion strides out of hers. Right Jane?   : )

One more vid to come before we take these to New Zealand for the Barfoot & Thompson World Triathlon Grand Final in October, so tune in for a closer look at the main features of Hoka design when we post that for you next week.

Now go run!


Roger tells some running stories in latest issue of Reps Magazine Australia

Reverend Hoka Roger writing in latest issue of Reps Magazine Australia

Badwater Aussie assault, exciting conclusion unfolding!!


(pic shows Dave with pacer Ian Sharman heading into Lone Pine, CP5, by Kim Eadie)
EPIC!!! Overnight at Badwater Ultramarathon, David ‘Running Man’ Eadie has burnt through half the field in front of him. He has run himself from 33rd position roughly 8 hours ago into 17th place and Has run out of Checkpoint 5 with 13 miles (about 21km) to go and 122 miles (roughly 196km) down at exactly the same time as the 16th-placed runner who was only a little while ago a full 2 hours ahead of him.

Have tipped around 29:50 at Ultra168’s “How Quick Will Dave Finish Badwater” guessing competition. Fingers crossed for you, Dave.

New Hoka OneOne Arrivals! First Bondi Speeds!!

They’re finally here – the first Hoka OneOne Bondi Speeds to go on sale anywhere in the world!

Check out the all new Bondi Speeds with thinner tongue and speedlaces and MENTAL red n gold colouring, perfect for flashy triathletes, speedy marathoners, and down and dirty ultra runners. Also unloading into the warehouse and straight back out again, we have new women’s Bondi which are classy blue with white and grey trim, and a fresh upload of the ever-popular Stinson Evo Flag.

The Bondi Speed. Need a Bondi? Get em while you can!

Get your orders in fast, to your local running store or to http://www.HokaOneOne.com.au

These babies won’t last long!

What’s your A Race in the next 12 months? Another Hoka OneOne survey.

One of our favourites, Karl Meltzer in action in Zion. pic copyright Washington Post.

Everybody has a personal favourite race. For some, it’s because the trail is tough. For others, it’s because they’re returning to the site of their first ever ultra.  There are reunions to consider, PBs to chase, and chances to get right out of the city for the weekend. Whatever your reasons, what race matters most to you as a runner in the next 12 months?

Jane Trumper proves that . . .

. . . Hoka OneOne don’t always make you taller. . .

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