Great North Walk 100-miler Race Report: It begins…

Hi, Roger again. I’ve put the race report from the 100-miler that beasted me on the weekend on my blog It was an incredible way to finish this month of ultrarunning adventure but hardly an outing in high-paced glory. Rather, it was a total sufferfest. As much as it became a battle for survival, more or less, it is still one of the most meaningful finishes I have ever achieved. My crewman Graham and pacer Jess were exceptional and I certainly put their patience to the test. Let’s face it, we all expected a Sunday lunch on the beach and instead found ourselves literally racing against the clock right to the 160th kilometre.

It wasn’t necessarily what it was hoped to be, but it was raw, it was heartfelt, it was do or die, and at the end of the day, if an event is all of those things and more, what more could you possibly ask?

To read more, just follow this link.

WIN THE NEW STUFF in the Hoka OneOne Australia Running Story Competition

We’ve been brewing this one for a while. New running gear is always a bit exciting and who doesn’t like a laugh on the trail/endless road session/ morning jog/ disastrously navigated night run/ horrific off-the-bike bonk?

To celebrate the impending arrival of our 2013/2014 range (it’s still about 10 weeks away, but we’re pretty excitable), we have created a fun and potentially entertaining way for one lucky Hoka OneOne follower or over-enthusiastic runner ANYWHERE IN AUSTRALIA OR NEW ZEALAND to win the first pair of new season Tarmac AND Evo off the boat in September.

That’s right – you can win your very own complete set of Stinson twins just by sharing your FUNNIEST or MOST DISASTROUS running story.
If your story has at least THREE OF THE FOLLOWING ELEMENTS – Running, Funny, Running, Disaster – then you could be the proud owner of a hot new combination of all-terrain happy-footed Hoka fun.

The more the merrier, so tell your mates – especially the one with that yarn about the time when, y’know…

The Hoka OneOne Running Story Competition. GET ON IT!!

The Hoka OneOne Running Story Competition. GET ON IT!!

Endurance Runner’s Delight, tonight 6pm Footpro, Melbourne

Click the images below for full details. Still a couple of places available for tonight.


Tarmac and Evo written up in latest Inside Sport

Viva Hoka OneOne!!

It’s blue. It’s new. It’s you. Stinson Evo from Hoka OneOne.

Hoka OneOne Demo Tour, Australia

The Hoka OneOne Demo Tour will be live shortly. If you didn’t get along to any of our demo runs last year, it’s a simple but very fresh idea.

Based from a running group, tri group, or specialist shoe store’s venue of choice, we (Hoka) turn up with a bunch of our latest shoes. You put on a pair that fits. We all go for a run, 5 to 15km depending what everybody’s up for. If you enjoy yourself, you can buy shoes from our stockist. If you don’t, well that’s a shame. Maybe next time.

See what we’re saying? It’s all for you, the runner, and at no obligation.

Central Coast, Melbourne, and Brisbane dates are to be confirmed, as are more dates around Sydney, Penrith , and Cronulla.

The Running Company, Potts Point. Wednesday August 8th, 6:30pm .

FootPoint Shoe Clinic, Mosman. Saturday August 18th, 8am.

Forster in cooperation with Mary Yule’s running group and Manning Shoes, Saturday August 25th, 7am. Venue TBA

More dates and locations to come. Get to the one nearest to you.

Win new Tarmac Evo at the Hoka Demo Tour

Over the next 7 weeks, we’ll be bringing Stinson Evo, Bondi B, and the all new road ripping Tarmac to our retailers across Sydney, as well as running groups, podiatrists, and fitness clubs for you to test out properly on runs of 30-60 minutes. You’ll have the very unusual chance to properly try out running shoes before buying them, or not buying them.

We’ll be collecting contact details and putting everyone who tries our hot new road shoe or other shoes in our range into the draw for a hot new pair of Hoka OneOne and our new tech running singlet – all in time for a season of hot summer running.

Footpoint, Mosman – Saturday July 28, 8am
The Running Company, Potts Point – Wednesday August 8, 6:30pm

Sydney Running Centre, Northside Runners, Runnulla, Panthers Cycles, Dr. Foot Solutions dates to be announced…


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