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photo(117)Just catching up on entries for the Hoka OneOne Running Story Competition that have piled up in the inbox while I was away running in the glorious Australian desert. If you think you’re entertaining and reckon you wouldn’t mind winning 2 sets of new Stinsons, then you’d better get your story to us ASAP. Be funny, or be disastrous, but you don’t have to mention – or even wear – Hoka OneOne for your chance at the big prize. Graham Jones and the boys do mention Hokas in their running stories, because, well…. Graham can tell you why…

My story is full of laughs, disaster and lots of running. Firstly put together a team of four to complete the 96km Kokoda Challenge with my wife and two mates. In two months lost Dave to a minor stroke and heart attack, Greg to bad knees and Julie to herniated discs in her back.  I was left to find a team Read more of this post

WIN THE NEW STUFF in the Hoka OneOne Australia Running Story Competition

We’ve been brewing this one for a while. New running gear is always a bit exciting and who doesn’t like a laugh on the trail/endless road session/ morning jog/ disastrously navigated night run/ horrific off-the-bike bonk?

To celebrate the impending arrival of our 2013/2014 range (it’s still about 10 weeks away, but we’re pretty excitable), we have created a fun and potentially entertaining way for one lucky Hoka OneOne follower or over-enthusiastic runner ANYWHERE IN AUSTRALIA OR NEW ZEALAND to win the first pair of new season Tarmac AND Evo off the boat in September.

That’s right – you can win your very own complete set of Stinson twins just by sharing your FUNNIEST or MOST DISASTROUS running story.
If your story has at least THREE OF THE FOLLOWING ELEMENTS – Running, Funny, Running, Disaster – then you could be the proud owner of a hot new combination of all-terrain happy-footed Hoka fun.

The more the merrier, so tell your mates – especially the one with that yarn about the time when, y’know…

The Hoka OneOne Running Story Competition. GET ON IT!!

The Hoka OneOne Running Story Competition. GET ON IT!!

Hoka OneOne Demo Tour, Australia

The Hoka OneOne Demo Tour will be live shortly. If you didn’t get along to any of our demo runs last year, it’s a simple but very fresh idea.

Based from a running group, tri group, or specialist shoe store’s venue of choice, we (Hoka) turn up with a bunch of our latest shoes. You put on a pair that fits. We all go for a run, 5 to 15km depending what everybody’s up for. If you enjoy yourself, you can buy shoes from our stockist. If you don’t, well that’s a shame. Maybe next time.

See what we’re saying? It’s all for you, the runner, and at no obligation.

Central Coast, Melbourne, and Brisbane dates are to be confirmed, as are more dates around Sydney, Penrith , and Cronulla.

The Running Company, Potts Point. Wednesday August 8th, 6:30pm .

FootPoint Shoe Clinic, Mosman. Saturday August 18th, 8am.

Forster in cooperation with Mary Yule’s running group and Manning Shoes, Saturday August 25th, 7am. Venue TBA

More dates and locations to come. Get to the one nearest to you.

Win new Tarmac Evo at the Hoka Demo Tour

Over the next 7 weeks, we’ll be bringing Stinson Evo, Bondi B, and the all new road ripping Tarmac to our retailers across Sydney, as well as running groups, podiatrists, and fitness clubs for you to test out properly on runs of 30-60 minutes. You’ll have the very unusual chance to properly try out running shoes before buying them, or not buying them.

We’ll be collecting contact details and putting everyone who tries our hot new road shoe or other shoes in our range into the draw for a hot new pair of Hoka OneOne and our new tech running singlet – all in time for a season of hot summer running.

Footpoint, Mosman – Saturday July 28, 8am
The Running Company, Potts Point – Wednesday August 8, 6:30pm

Sydney Running Centre, Northside Runners, Runnulla, Panthers Cycles, Dr. Foot Solutions dates to be announced…


Massive Competition: Hoka OneOne Sponsorship to be won

Evo Tarmac, Women’s model. Hot! Arriving mid-July 2012

It has all been happening in June with some epic running happening across Australia (and the world) in Hoka OneOne and July looks to get crazy too with the release of smoking hot new models – the Bondi Speed and the long awaited road-killing superquick blacktop specialist, the Evo Tarmac.
We have been announcing the Hoka Run of the Month since March. Now we can announce what it’s all leading to.
Sponsorship. A year’s sponsorship. From Hoka.
What does that mean and how do you get it?
IF your race or run in Hoka OneOne – Bondi B, Bondi Speed, Stinson Evo, or the innovative ultralight all new shoe that you roadies are going to LOVE – the Evo Tarmac – gets our attention as the best run in Hoka OneOne for the month, then early next year we could be offering you a year’s sponsorship as a Hoka OneOne Australia athlete.
That means a year’s supply of running shoes whatever your preferred surface or distance, from City to Surf on road to 100 miles on trail, plus custom technical running shirts, assistance with race entries, and access to in-race support, discount nutrition, and assorted running gear – running packs, hydration systems, and so on.
So if you want a shot at one juicy 12-month all-running all-surface all-hardcore-commitment prize then get involved. Send us your photos and results, here on the blog, on our Facebook, or to Roger@hokaoneone.com.au


a massive personal victory, Andrew described running from Brisbane to Sydney as ‘much more fun’ than running the length of New Zealand.

Normally, Hoka-supported athletes are ineligible – like Andrew Lee scoring a brilliant hardfought 8th place at The North Face 100 in May, or Jess Baker for taking 6th with a mighty p.b. at the same race. But, in June, 3 Hoka-supported athletes have taken down big results with compelling stories and they all get the nod.
Nikki Wynd took 2nd place at the Australian 100km titles on the Gold Coast in a time of 9:23. It’s pretty good running, until you consider that against all commonly held opinion on how to race effectively Nikki was running her 3rd 100-km race in 6 weeks, backing up from an historic sub-11 teams win at Melbourne’s OxFam Trailwalker and North Face.
Andrew Hedgman of course has been a favourite topic of ours for the last few weeks. Rocking a single pair of Bondi B over 1,000 km he cruised on foot down the Old Pacific Highway from Brisbane to Sydney over 15 days, arriving at The Sydney Opera House on his 25th birthday and raising over $5,000 for WSPA in the process. We thought it was a pretty good effort until Roger ran 55km with him on his 2nd last day and realized he was still putting in some pace, both up and down the hilly roads leading into Mooney Mooney. Solid!!


Dave Eadie, very fast, but not entirely happy.

And, finally, The Running Man himself – David Eadie. Eyeing off Kiwi ultra speedster Marty Lukes at the National 100km, Dave started out in his racing flats expecting an old school battle in old school running shoes. Down 20minutes at halfway he switched to his Hoka Bondi and blasted the next 10km out at 4-min pace, rather than let things slip further. He paid for that burst all the way through to the mid-80s, where he got his third wind and again charged for the finish line, closing to within 1min 50s of Lukes for a strong if not entirely satisfying 7:46 finish. With close to 6 months of intense and focussed ultra training under his belt, David has now left his shores for what we all hope will be some rewarding mileage in the US.
So, whether you are doing half marathons or full marathons in Melbourne, Perth or Sydney, trail runs at any of the established or great new events up and down the east and northern coasts over the next 5 months, get in it to win it!

Hoka at Sydney Marathon

I possibly ate the best video of the day, but how cool is this bird? Huh? Huh? Yeah..

Congratulations to Hoka Rokas Brent Harris – we thought he’d do ok – and probably Naomi Eastment? Hard to imagine anybody keeping a low profile in our bouncy running shoes but the girl who snuck across the Finish line around 3:52 and then disappeared – we’re looking for you! Get in touch. You’re a winner  : )

Also had a quick word with 100-mile runner John Wood. Was hoping to upload video of a quick interview because this guy ran the road marathon in his Mafate, loves them on road, and is planning to get his next pair soon. Working with a new video camera, speaking with him would have been my 160th clip…. but I seem to only have 159   : (   ?

Will see what comes of that. John, if you’re out there, say hi! And I look forward to running with you again for a spell at the Great North Walk miler in November.

Good running everybody – it was a hot one, uh?

Sydney Marathon – Hoka One One – Cash prizes – Interested?

$400 prizemoney up for grabs if you’re planning on running the Sydney Marathon Hoka fast on September 18.

Hoka Australia is going large for road runners taking on the Sydney Marathon:

This competition is open to anybody running the Sydney Marathon as part of the Blackmores Running Festival.

The race is Sunday September 18th so spread the word and get involved if you want a pair of AWESOME shoes that’ll keep you bouncing through the air as everyone else is slamming into the wall.

ANYBODY running the Sydney Marathon in Hoka is eligible. If you’re the first Hoka guy or first Hoka girl, ka-ching!

If you’re going to be racing Sydney Marathon in Hoka One One, say hi on Twitter using #HokaSydneyMarathon, or comment below. Then hit us up on Facebook and scrawl on our wall.

Go grab yourself some Hoka from our Sydney retailers – Northside Runners in Manly, Footpoint in Mosman, Running Science Rozelle, and Sydney Running Centre Edgecliff – run faster than everyone else on the day, win the cash and your shoes’ll just about pay for themselves!!

How do you like that, Cool Runnings? Get into it!

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