Malcolm Law’s Mountainous New Zealand Challenge: 50 Marathons in 50 Days

ew Zealand’s Malcolm Law is a master when it comes to running on the ragged edge. We’re big fans 🙂

Here’s an article from the latest issue of UltraFit magazine outlining a challenge and an opportunity. Malcolm is doing something amazing and daunting in 2015. If you’ve ever wanted to run trails in New Zealand, you might never have a better chance to do something equal parts spectacular and meaningful.

UltraFit Malcolm Law Story Jan-Feb 2014 100 png

Hillary Hardcore – making a solo splash on New Zealand’s revered 75km

This is a great read from Sally Law. She and her man Mal are mates of mine and two of the awesomest people you could hope to get stuck in a wilderness with. New Zealand’s Hillary Trail has been subject to a growing number of solo runs, fastest known time attempts and even doubles over the years, and a recent effort to launch an official race there was scuttled over environmental concerns regarding impacts on a native plant species. It would be incredible to see that event actually get up, though, as it would attract the same level of interest as Kepler and Routeburn in next to no time.

This is a quick video of what a run on the Hillary looks like.

Anyway, we were reading some posts by Sal on the weekend when she up and ran the HT. I didn’t realize until seeing her writeup on Facebook this morning that she actually swam half of it. So I’ve pinched the story and it’s here until she tells us to take it down. Enjoy!

Sally Law, 75km in the bag and fresh as a daisy 🙂

Hillary Trail Run Report.
75kms of hilly single track.
Start: 05:00 18th August
Finish: 18:03

It had rained often during the preceding 2 weeks and poured down for several hours the night before. Therefore the sound of water is what I recall most about the first half of the run all the way from Arataki to Karekare: dripping, gurgling and the splashing of my feet on muddy trails that were quite often doubling as waterways. Read more of this post

Andrew Hedgman, sponsored athlete, NZ Fitness Magazine

Andrew’s just returned from Turkey where he ran top 10 in the Lycian Way ultra as a way to kick over his legs after running 1,000km from Brisbane to Sydney. Here he is in New Zealand Fitness Magazine. Remember, Kiwis, we’ll be at Queens Wharf next week, and I’m pretty sure we’re the only running shoe in the world with a Maori name. See you there!

Journey of a million steps

That’s right, this pair of Bondi B that I cut in two the other day each must have landed close to a million times with the distance that they covered. And, frankly, they were still feeling good when they were retired. Tears in the long-suffering uppers and grip that had finally ripped off just meant it was time for the next pair.

Will you get the same mileage from your Hoka? Probably not. I wanted to really beat these up and see how long they would keep feeling good, however ragged they got along the way. So don’t start writing in to say your shoes got ratty after just a couple of hundred miles. Where are you running? In a supermarket? Your shoes should be dirty after the first 5 hours my friend! Everybody runs different, which is just one of the many things we should all love about running.

If you run like a drunken monkey and put 500km on a normal pair of trainers before they’re ready for the furnace, I’d still expect you to have more fun for longer in a pair of Bondi B, Tarmac or Evo. And if you think that’s just crazy, check out our friend Jane Trumper – she got over 2,000km out of her shoes, and she’s vertically challenged. That means she must have got, like, I dunno – a billion strides out of hers. Right Jane?   : )

One more vid to come before we take these to New Zealand for the Barfoot & Thompson World Triathlon Grand Final in October, so tune in for a closer look at the main features of Hoka design when we post that for you next week.

Now go run!


Hoka One One in Flight – Marton to Wanganui 67km Road Course Record

Brent Harris on his way to a decisive Course Record on the weekend

That’s right – he’s actually flying. Harris rocked his Bondi B in New Zealand’s Marton to Wanganui Road Relay 67km to take out a decisive individual win and set a course record of 5:10:14. That’s faster than 13km/hr and puts him well on track for both his current race goals of a sub-6:30 84km at Molesworth when he returns to NZ to defend his title in November, and his longer term goal of a sub-7-hour hundred km. Obviously, that one’s going to take a bit more work, but a bit more work is what he was planning on.

Great running, looking forward to his detailed race report later in the week. After he has landed.

Aussie Hoka One One updates – juicy ultra running news

Have we yet decided whether ‘ultra running’ is one word or two? Just asking…

Salt-encrusted from this morning’s very awesome Inov8 Coastal Classic presented by MaxAdventure and still just a bit spaced from running it all out. Great course, deceptively low profile more than utterly steroid-boosted by endless sharp staircases over steep headlands, deeply gouged single-tracks with V-shaped cross-sections in profile, long stretches of soft, sandy beach, thick mud, rocky tributaries and rivulets, and the near-constant ambient sound of ocean. Sounds romantic? Wasn’t. But was. : )  Full race report and review of boxfresh large-sized Bondi Bs (US13.5) on mixed surface on its way.

Fresh pic-filled posts coming up early in the week but killer Aussie Hoka One One newsbites are:

Barry Golding and the crew from MultiMarathon – 15 44km (ultra)marathons across the Simpson Desert for 15 charities (such as Bear Cottage and Angel Flight) left yesterday from the Botanical Gardens. With a convoy of 15 4WDs headed for the red centre, they’ll be heading out of Alice Springs on around the 14th of September, making for the Birdsville Track, across dried out sharp and crusty saltbeds, through a sea of fine bulldust, and over 1400 long and wearing sand dunes. 660km of alien ultra awesomeness.

Good luck Barry, David, Maureen, Chris, Lachlan and the whole crew. Especially good luck to our girl Jane as she sets out on a mission to become the first woman to run across the Simpson Desert. Over 100 marathons and ultramarathons completed, and the first woman to complete the Aussie Grand Slam of Ultra, we reckon that if any woman’s up for it, she is! So do Injinji, coming to the party with over $1,000 worth of gear, including an entire white Skirt Sports wardrobe. Good job Injinji!

We’ll be hosting an interview recorded before she leaves to join the desert crew onsite in the coming week.

Harris leading out the short course at Sydney's Jabulani Challenge in Sydney earlier this year. Posting Wanganui pics when they arrive.

And finally, and by no means least, congratulations to Brent Harris for his awesome run today at the Marton to Wanganui Road Relay in New Zealand. Setting a new Course Record of 5:10:14 for the 67km course (that’s better than 13km/h for the duration – ouch, as in… ouch) Harris looks on track to seriously challenge te current record at Molesworth, an 84km challenge on private road in NZ later this year.

No two ways about it, that’s some seriously ass-kicking endurance running.

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