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Self-confessed juicy awesome Hoka chic’s running in penrith!!

Thanks KB : )


Endurance Runner’s Delight, tonight 6pm Footpro, Melbourne

Click the images below for full details. Still a couple of places available for tonight.


Hoka OneOne Demo Tour rolling along

Like Hoka OneOne Demo Tour on Facebook for your chance to win shoes and running gear from Hoka Australia. While you’re there, check out the latest information about where we’ll be next.

This Saturday, August 18th, we’ll be at Footpoint Shoes in Mosman at 8am. Next Saturday we’re on a beach in Forster from 6am with Manning Shoes and Mary Yule’s running group. We might be appearing on the Central Coast that afternoon. The Saturday after that, it’s September 1st and we’ll be doing some miles from 5:45am with a long course Newcastle Tri group.

So if you’re already running in Hoka, visit this post and fill in our very quick survey. Then come and run with us in a new pair of Tarmacs. Try. Fly. And if they blow your mind like we’re pretty sure they will. . .  Buy!

If you haven’t yet run in Hoka or tried the latest models, we hope to see you soon.

New Lady Tarmac from Hoka OneOne. New Australian Demo Tour Dates.

Hot new women’s Tarmac – looks almost as good as it feels.

Hoka OneOne Australia Demo Tour starts soon. Arrive early for fittings beforehand.

Wednesday August 8 – 6:30pm running group, The Running Company Potts Point

a Thursday in August, 6:00pm instore with ultrarunning coach Andy Dubois (Mile 27), Sydney Running Centre, Edgecliff Date TBC

Wednesday August 15 6:30pm Hills Athletic Club, Roxborough Park

Saturday August 18 – 8am running group – mixed road and trail, Footpoint Shoe Clinic Mosman

Saturday August 25  – 7am (after 6am time trials) with Mary Yule and Manning Shoes, Forster Beach

More dates and locations with running stores, tri groups, and running groups to be announced.

Like Facebook.com/HokaOneOneDemoTour for your chance to win, and details as they happen

visit us at Facebook.com/HokaOneOneAustralia

Hoka OneOne Demo Tour, Australia

The Hoka OneOne Demo Tour will be live shortly. If you didn’t get along to any of our demo runs last year, it’s a simple but very fresh idea.

Based from a running group, tri group, or specialist shoe store’s venue of choice, we (Hoka) turn up with a bunch of our latest shoes. You put on a pair that fits. We all go for a run, 5 to 15km depending what everybody’s up for. If you enjoy yourself, you can buy shoes from our stockist. If you don’t, well that’s a shame. Maybe next time.

See what we’re saying? It’s all for you, the runner, and at no obligation.

Central Coast, Melbourne, and Brisbane dates are to be confirmed, as are more dates around Sydney, Penrith , and Cronulla.

The Running Company, Potts Point. Wednesday August 8th, 6:30pm .

FootPoint Shoe Clinic, Mosman. Saturday August 18th, 8am.

Forster in cooperation with Mary Yule’s running group and Manning Shoes, Saturday August 25th, 7am. Venue TBA

More dates and locations to come. Get to the one nearest to you.

Win new Tarmac Evo at the Hoka Demo Tour

Over the next 7 weeks, we’ll be bringing Stinson Evo, Bondi B, and the all new road ripping Tarmac to our retailers across Sydney, as well as running groups, podiatrists, and fitness clubs for you to test out properly on runs of 30-60 minutes. You’ll have the very unusual chance to properly try out running shoes before buying them, or not buying them.

We’ll be collecting contact details and putting everyone who tries our hot new road shoe or other shoes in our range into the draw for a hot new pair of Hoka OneOne and our new tech running singlet – all in time for a season of hot summer running.

Footpoint, Mosman – Saturday July 28, 8am
The Running Company, Potts Point – Wednesday August 8, 6:30pm

Sydney Running Centre, Northside Runners, Runnulla, Panthers Cycles, Dr. Foot Solutions dates to be announced…


Road superiority for endurance athletes: Tarmac

The new Stinson Evo Tarmac is a speedy and responsive joy to run in. Firmer through the sole than other Hoka OneOne models because of reduced foam in the toe and a shaved down durable rubber outsole, we’ve put 100 road kilometres on the pair we unboxed last Thursday and they’re everything that was hoped for and more.


I would even rate these as a shoe to consider racing groomed firetrail, but they are clearly intended for half and long course triathletes and anyone else running anywhere from 10km and upward on road, pavement, and – believe it or not – tarmac.

The tongue sits nicely even though it’s quite thin, and the upper breathes beautifully which will be ideal as the capital city half and full marathons kick in over the next few months. The structure is highly stable and well engineered but both the sole and upper are yielding enough to ensure a snug fit becomes a conforming fit over the first ten 10 to 15 hours of wear.

Simply a pleasure to run hard in, these should be the breakthrough shoe for Hoka OneOne, continuing a foray into the wider running population initiated by the Bondi and accelerated by the Stinson Evo Trail.

Available now from future-focussed running shoe specialists and appearing soon on www.HokaOneOne.com.au.


Hoka OneOne Australia Demo Tour starts July 21


Sue Linsen, one of many can-do Hoka runners

Our shoes get around on everyone from Dave Mackey, Montrail Ultra Cup Champion 2011 to Hard Rock winner Diana Finkel, Karl Meltzer one of the highest achieving 100-mile runners of all time, Jess Baker and Andy Lee who both went top 10 in an international field at the recent North Face 100, Gordi Kirkbank-Ellis who clawed his way back from crippling nausea at 22km in to a silver buckle finish, right through to a number of runners who have said that they might be at the back of the pack, but without the gift of running from Hoka, they wouldn’t be in the pack at all – at marathons, all-nighters, and 100km races.

So we do get a bit excited over heartfelt letters like this one from Sue Linsen, a good friend of our friend Billy Pearce.

Sue giving the thumbs up.

Hey guys,
Whilst these results are not in the same league as the fast dudes and hard core runners, just wanted to say that I love my Hoka OneOne Stinson Evo Womens – I have done two recent events in them & they were fantastic in both. Ultra runner & good friend Billy Pearce recommended them to me in the first place earlier this year and I’m definitely a convert.

Finishing strong for a massive sub-2 p.b.

·         Canberra Half Marathon              15th April – have lost 10kg and trained properly over the past 9 months which obviously helped but the shoes also were great.  Had a great day & took 32 minutes off my previous best.  Finished in 1:58:52 which was under my stretch goal of 2 hours so I was very happy (previous PB was 2:30:16).
·         Wild Endurance 50km   5th May – part of a 7 member walking team.  5 of us finished in 14:44.  Did first half in North Face Hedgehog trail shoes and then changed shoes and socks at CP 1 and wore the Hoka’s for the rest on predominantly fire trail in the dark.
Attached are a couple of pics.
I turned 40 a couple of weeks ago so these events as well as losing weight and being in good shape were part of my “be fit and fab by 40” quest which I’m happy to say I feel like I’ve achieved J
Anyway, loving the Hokas, will keep running in them and will get some more J

Sam with her Wild Endurance team – stoked!!

North Face 100 tips

6 Top Tips for runners preparing for The North Face 100

With so many different approaches, no list can be complete, but this should be food for thought as you head out on your training weekends.

It's a bunched stampede early on - are you going to blow up early getting ahead of it, or drop a half hour on single track stuck behind it?

1. Final gear checks now. Is your torch bright enough to see tricky terrain clearly in the night? If you’re not finishing under 16 hours, does your shell keep you warm in 0 degrees with wind chill? Are your socks comfortable running 20km in the wet and cold? These 2 gear lists are particularly helpful – Bryon Powell’s gear list discussion for UTMB in 2011: http://www.irunfar.com/2011/08/utmb-gear-quest-2011.html and Dan Bleakman’s Ultra168 gear list for North Face 2012 http://ultra168.com/2012/04/03/the-essential-north-face-100-gear-list/

2. Fatigue is a resource. Training fresh and sunny on a section of course you’ll probably hit exhausted after sunset isn’t as helpful as it could be. Know the course as it will be on race day. Do yourself a favour – run in reverse from the end of a section you’re training on to get some fatigue happening and then run it in the direction you’ll hit it on race day.

3. Train smart to race smart. Can you drink 1 litre of water and then run 30km carrying just 1 more? You have to carry a rain jacket and spare torch, they don’t have to be the ones you use. Plan to swap lighter mandatory items for heavy better functioning items near to the time you use them, but plan smart – don’t get stranded 50km from gear you need.

4. Checkpoint planning. Do you have support crew to help you in and out faster? Is there a CP you plan to take your time? Do you need to stop at all? Or if self-supporting, how are you going to make your own drop bags easy to find when you’re tired. A big snaplok bag with your name on it? An ice cream container wrapped in fluorescent tape? A Pringles can filled with gels and electrolytes attached to a tin foil flag? Leaving instructions for yourself from 55km onward – ‘take this’, ‘eat these’, ‘leave lighter one’, can also be helpful. And pack gels away from scissors. . .

5. Fuelling. Be prepared to need more carbs as fuel than usual, and have some protein to support your body. As more muscle breaks down during the race, fewer fibres have to do more work to keep you going. An increased workload means a need for more energy. Sports drink powders are easy to carry in reserve, or just carry a bit extra of what normally works for you. Research suggests that 5-8g/hr of protein – from sources like nut bars and some gels, Accel or 2nd Surge for example –can be of benefit to an active body under exertion. And everybody wants savoury flavours – Le Snak, salt & vinegar chips, olives – by the 60km mark.

6. Enjoy it! Yes, running 100km better challenge you, but if your mindset is that you’re going to run for 10 or 15 or 20 hours with your head down and not talk to anybody, you’ll miss some amazing people as they run past. And you’ll probably miss out on some insight that will make your next ultra even better.
Best of luck, from the runners and crew at Hoka OneOne Australia.

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