The Hoka OneOne Bondi – what makes this running shoe so different?

For Australian runners, the Bondi B/ Bondi Low/ Bondi Speed/ Bondi 2/ Bondi 3 in all its incarnations has been the shoe that grabbed so much attention when Hoka first came to Australia back in 2011, the shoe that most users of Hoka OneOne running gear will have at least one pair of, and that probably offers the clearest first experience to new wearers of what Hoka OneOne means.

See the grey ones in the middle – that was my first pair of Bondi Bs! It kind of gets me emotional, and then I just feel grateful for the new colour schemes 🙂 Click on the picture for my first ever writeup of the Bondi B as well.

The Hoka OneOne Bondi puts 24.5mm of superlight cushioning under the forefoot, 29mm under the heel, and in the latest model – the Bondi 3 – it weighs in at 315g in a US8.5 men’s model and 267g in a US6.5W women’s model. You couldn’t possibly fit that much marshmallow under someone’s foot without tripling the weight of the shoe, but running on marshmallows is one of the most typical ways we hear new Hoka runners describe the feeling of the Bondi. Running on clouds, running on a trampoline, running on pillows – these are also common ways for runners to describe their first experience of the Bondi.

Fast forward 3 years, and the Bondi is a very advanced new animal with the same classic midsole and a number of champion endurance athletes singing its praises. #toldyouso

When you strap the Bondi to tired legs, or when you’re deep into a half-marathon or full marathon with less fatigue than you might be used to, suddenly the shoes weigh next to nothing and those clouds you’re running on feel like they’re racing toward the horizon. That, of course, is subjective. Read more of this post

Hoka hanging out

Self-confessed juicy awesome Hoka chic’s running in penrith!!

Thanks KB : )


New Lady Tarmac from Hoka OneOne. New Australian Demo Tour Dates.

Hot new women’s Tarmac – looks almost as good as it feels.

Hoka OneOne Australia Demo Tour starts soon. Arrive early for fittings beforehand.

Wednesday August 8 – 6:30pm running group, The Running Company Potts Point

a Thursday in August, 6:00pm instore with ultrarunning coach Andy Dubois (Mile 27), Sydney Running Centre, Edgecliff Date TBC

Wednesday August 15 6:30pm Hills Athletic Club, Roxborough Park

Saturday August 18 – 8am running group – mixed road and trail, Footpoint Shoe Clinic Mosman

Saturday August 25  – 7am (after 6am time trials) with Mary Yule and Manning Shoes, Forster Beach

More dates and locations with running stores, tri groups, and running groups to be announced.

Like for your chance to win, and details as they happen

visit us at

Hot new lineup from Hoka OneOne, fresh pics.

The 3 hot new models of Stinson Evo Tarmac, women’s Bondi, Bondi Speed, and Bondi Anthracite, Orange, White.


This is from the wall at Runnulla, one of our specialist running stores on the southern beaches of Sydney. I have to track down the customer they were talking about but they told me that a fellow by the name of Tony came into the shop the other day. I’m not sure if he’d just come straight from his run or gone back to the shop where he bought his first pair of Bondi a bit later in the day.

He asked Lorna if Hoka OneOne shoes were going to be around for a while. She, of course, said yes.

And he replied, more or less, “well you tell me if they’re going anywhere and I’ll buy every shoe they have here that’s in my size”.

He’d just run about 8km in an hour. Doesn’t sound too special, apart from the fact that it was his first run in 34 years.

We hear a lot of great running stories about results and distances and injury rehabs, but that one’s going to stand the test of time.

Tony Hastings, reborn Hoka hugger – where are you?!

Bondi B video review for iRunFar

Probably the most widely appropriate running shoe in the Hoka OneOne range, the Bondi B, reviewed for by Travis Liles.

Win new Tarmac Evo at the Hoka Demo Tour

Over the next 7 weeks, we’ll be bringing Stinson Evo, Bondi B, and the all new road ripping Tarmac to our retailers across Sydney, as well as running groups, podiatrists, and fitness clubs for you to test out properly on runs of 30-60 minutes. You’ll have the very unusual chance to properly try out running shoes before buying them, or not buying them.

We’ll be collecting contact details and putting everyone who tries our hot new road shoe or other shoes in our range into the draw for a hot new pair of Hoka OneOne and our new tech running singlet – all in time for a season of hot summer running.

Footpoint, Mosman – Saturday July 28, 8am
The Running Company, Potts Point – Wednesday August 8, 6:30pm

Sydney Running Centre, Northside Runners, Runnulla, Panthers Cycles, Dr. Foot Solutions dates to be announced…


David Eadie, Badwater: Massive new Aussie Course Record

congratulations David and crew, especially wife Kim who has kept us so in touch with how his race was going. (pics also by Kim Eadie)

Last post she sent said,

Sorry for cross posting but hubby is flying home. Running strong overnight and continued to smash through the field today. He caught Pam Reed and will catch the runner in front of her too. The next one after that is Dean Karnazes!!!! Went from about 33rd overnight to about 14th at present. Heading up the mountain to the finish now.

He went into the back half of the 217km course placed in the mid-30s but overnight had an absolute blinder and set himself up for a brilliant 2nd day. 7th fastest on course over the massive 32 mile stage into Lone Pine, 5th fastest over the following 15km and 2nd fastest on course over the final leg, with only the outright 2nd-placed runner finishing faster – literally by a matter of seconds.

And as a measure of his courageous run, David has beasted ultra champion Jo Blake’s 32:05 Australian Course Record of just last year, taking over an hour and a half off and setting a new target of 30:24.

Great ultra running David!! Way to race Badwater!


Dave has himself posted on Facebook now to say

Job done toughest thing I have ever done, suffering for ever minute of the 30 hrs and 24 sec. Hot and Hilly wow. Could not have done it without my awesome crew Mike Toby, Adrian Panozzo, Casey Cooper, Bonnie Busch, Ian Sharman and of course my wife Kim and Lucas. More info to come just coming back from finish and a quick rest.

Badwater: Final Countdown for Aussie hardcore!!

He’s doing it! David Eadie into 15th place through the final checkpoint in 29:26 with just over 4 hard miles of Badwater Ultramarathon to go. Over the last 9 miles he put 22 minutes into the runner currently 16 minutes in front of him.

Can he pull back another 4 minutes per mile, after already running 210km? It’s a massive ask but we’d back him to.

Predicting 14th place in 30:43. Go Dave!!!!

Great crewing and coverage Kim : )

Shane Simpson running 2:55 at Gold Coast

New Hoka OneOne Arrivals! First Bondi Speeds!!

They’re finally here – the first Hoka OneOne Bondi Speeds to go on sale anywhere in the world!

Check out the all new Bondi Speeds with thinner tongue and speedlaces and MENTAL red n gold colouring, perfect for flashy triathletes, speedy marathoners, and down and dirty ultra runners. Also unloading into the warehouse and straight back out again, we have new women’s Bondi which are classy blue with white and grey trim, and a fresh upload of the ever-popular Stinson Evo Flag.

The Bondi Speed. Need a Bondi? Get em while you can!

Get your orders in fast, to your local running store or to

These babies won’t last long!

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