What is the difference between the Hoka models?

One of the most common things we get asked when we’re at triathlon, health & fitness, and running expo’s or signing up new stores is this very question: What is the difference between the Hoka models?

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Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be answering this for you here at http://www.hokaoneoneaustralia.com by posting an individual overview of each model:

Kailua Trail

As well as talking about each model in individual detail, we’ll make some simple but useful comparisons by pointing out things like the benefits of the Bondi 3 to the runner with a higher volume foot relative to the Stinson Tarmac which deliberately fits more closely for a responsive feel, or how someone who wants the cushioning of a Hoka but feels they collapse a bit in the Kailua will find that the Conquest, while still a neutral shoe, offers a previously unknown level of control and guidance in a Hoka.

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Stinson Trail

2 Responses to What is the difference between the Hoka models?

  1. Jim O'Donnell says:

    Where is the shoe that started it all? The Mafate is not even mentioned, I know it may have gained a little to much weight in the latest model, but a leaner version is on the way and I can’t wait! I see Hoka is now coming out with shoes that fit different runners which is good, but many of us original Hoka followers still like is the maximum cushioned clown shoes. I own four models (Bondi, Evo, Mafate, Combo) and like them all, but my favorites by far are the Mafate and the now unfortunately extinct Stinson B Combo XT model. Both had the Mafate midsole which I loved. I am looking forward to more cushioning, not less. Thanks, Jim O’Donnell.

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