Wild Women on Top

Wild Women on Top are an active group of trainers, trekkers, and fitness buffs who love a good challenge. A great big one that they help make possible is Sydney Coastrek, a mighty teams ultra event that generates massive and growing dollars for the Fred Hollows Foundation each year. Getting fit, training and encouraging many people – women especially – into their first 50 or 100km event, all while helping restore the eyesight of others really is a win-win-win.

Meeting with a number of WWOT’s organisers and trainers on the weekend was a great opportunity to hear what they’re up to and see some of the hard work they put in behind the scenes making sure that they’re as skilled up as they can possibly be to ensure that their clients and teammates all have the best preparation and event experience that they possibly can.

Click here for their latest newsletter and we recommend checking out the timetable for both their training and travel groups.

WWOT late Jan 2014 newsletter

2 Responses to Wild Women on Top

  1. Mike says:

    Just got a pair of Rapa Nui Tarmac. Started to walk the dog in my new shoes, wearing Levi’s 501 and a hoodie. I started to run easy, slow, testing my knee injury. I ran three miles with the dog. First time running in jeans, first time running in one year! My knee didn’t bother me as usual, my form felt natural, and I hit that sweet spot of cruising along. The dog liked it too!!! Thanks Hoka, PS I’m 60 years old, and ran San Diego’s Triple Crown Half Marathon series in 2012. Time for a comeback.

    • hokaau says:

      Thanks Mike – really happy to hear that. It’s great hearing about people’s PBs and course records and all these other good things we chase when we run, but one of the best parts of being at Hoka is hearing the stories like yours, stories of people getting their running back or keeping their running going longer. Not being able to run SUCKS. Anything that helps is gold. Let us know you go big guy 🙂

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