The running evolution that is taking over…

When a particularly large, superlight, and strange looking shoe appeared a few years ago, some thought it was science, others sorcery, but most just plain silly. The shoe outperformed the expectations of most and stale indignation turned slowly to intrigue.

Current models, a comparison

Current models, a comparison

Now, many runners have at least one friend pounding out the miles on trail or road in a pair of Hoka OneOne and even if they don’t, judging from Outdoor Retailer’s latest Gearapallooza, next year they’ll probably know someone running in a Hoka CloneClone.

Hoka One One is a real game changer – which is why so many other brands – even those touting minimal shoes very recently – are now introducing Hoka inspired shoes.   However, it seems as if they are strictly copying the oversize nature of some of the most popular Hoka models – which is only one aspect of the design.  Simply being oversized will not provide the same benefit as Hoka One One shoes.  There is more to the technology than just that.

That’s Jim Van Dine, Hoka’s global Brand President talking to RunBlogRun in a fresh new interview we thought you’d find interesting.

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Hoka OneOne Conquest 2014

4 Responses to The running evolution that is taking over…

  1. Miki says:

    Could you please tell me which of the Hoka road shoes has the widest toebox?

    • hokaau says:

      The Bondi has a roomy toe box but at its widest point, it will not stretch. If you have a very wide foot or this is an issue for you, try either of the Stinsons, depending on your choices of terrain.

  2. While at the IMWC in Kona, I heard from an Australian athlete that Hoka was coming out with a road running shoe that was similar to the Bondi 2 but added a “spring” in the forefoot similar in concept to what the Newton shoes have to offer; is this true? If so! can I PLEASE get one for my big race coming up in January?! THANKS. Vince

    • Roger Hanney says:

      Hmm…. They might have been talking about the Conquest. It’s a similar shape and size to the Bondi but very different technology with an almost visible suspension system, which might be part of why it won Outdoor Retailer’s gear of the year award. Thos babies won’t be available until Feb 2014 as far as we’re currently anticipating, but as soon as dates are available regarding local release, you’ll read them here 🙂 Hope you had a blast in Kona! Be hard not to I’d expect 😀

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