When red lycra isn’t attention-grabbing enough….

Andy Bowen is the big slightly Welsh endurance runner who hosts www.ultramarathonrunning.com.au.  We’ve also supported Andy with hoofwear for a number of long adventures about the place, including his recent 700km Outback Odyssey through the Kimberleys with pocket rocket Jane Trumper.

There have been a number of choice entries for the running story contest this week. They include gear fails, mud, and heartbreak, and they’ll all be up for your reading pleasure shortly. But Andy’s borders on being breaking news, so we thought we’d get it up right away.

Andy, all rugged up.

Whilst out running last night I was thinking of the Hoka Australia running story competition and remembered a few of the amusing times I’ve had out on the trails. I relived a few runs where I’ve come across (poor choice of phrase I know) amorous couples doing their best to continue the species.

Or my personal favourite on a night run when a particularly loud episode of breaking wind startled a sleeping horse so much that it bolted across the field. I was laughing so much I nearly took the flatulence to the next level!

Chuckling as I recounted these runs, I thought that I couldn’t top these, then some way along the track in front of me I saw a light heading my way. This was a very rare event, having only once in three years come into contact with another runner on this section of the Noosa Heads National Park trails.  I’m always a little on edge when coming into contact with other folk on the trails at night. Friends always assume that the wild animals would be the scary thing to encounter on a night run, but animals are predictable. Humans on the other hand are anything but predictable, and tonight was the proof in the pudding!

Trying to look fresh and breathing lightly, as you do when encountering other runners, I prepared for the exchange of greetings. The figure behind his torch was illuminated by my head torch just as he gave me a cheery “G’day, how’s it going?”  I first notice his shoes, as this is what I look for first…not Hokas. I glance up to his face to say “Hi” but before my mouth can get any words out it’s clear that this guy is ‘no ordinary runner’. He was naked!

I managed a strangled greeting of sorts as I was half shocked and half laughing. This was only 9kms in. I couldn’t be hallucinating yet, but for the rest of the session every star on the horizon was another nudey runner!

He had taken the concept of “Running Free” to a whole new level!

Hoka running story and new gear

One Response to When red lycra isn’t attention-grabbing enough….

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Now that’s funny…

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