First look at new Hoka OneOne, arriving in August

Want to see what you stand to win in the Hoka Running Story Competition?

Up top you can see one of the new men’s Tarmac in a road-suited black, blue, and silver. The women’s Tarmac is looking hot in a variety of dewberry, orchid, and grey. The designers have been playing with some pretty sexy varieties of purple and you’re going to see more of that used in different ways when the new range arrives because there are a lot more shoes to look at than we’re showing you just yet.

And the NEW model that you get a taste of in August will be the women’s Kailua. The model pictured is the Kailua Tarmac, but we’re also looking forward to the release of the Kailua Trail. It’s basically Hoka OneOne’s racing flat, putting 5mm less foam under your forefoot and heel but with some clever engineering work from the Hoka Genius Department to keep you flying at your next road race. If you love hard surface running but have resisted Hoka OneOne because of your fear of the chunk, then this will be the shoe that helps it all make sense.

You’ll try Hoka OneOne. You’ll go for a run.

And you’ll Keep Running.

Hoka running story and new gear

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