Lose yourself?

Ha! Nice one Anna, we’re having flashbacks to loads of training sessions we’ve had and running videos we’ve made  🙂

I could try to explain, but I think Anna does it better than I could. Here’s the latest of many entries in our Running Story Competition. Enjoy!


I thought I would enter this comp, as most of my trail runs have something go wrong in them.
Last year I decided to get some hill work in at Mount Dandenong. I photocopied a page from the street directory and planned a route that would include a particularly long and steep hill. Of course, street directories are not the most reliable map sources. So at one point I followed a track, that was a real track, according to my map. It disintegrated into thick bush quite fast. I didn’t want to go back where I came from as it was a ridiculously steep hill and I didn’t want to crawl back up. So I simply bush bashed my way through for nearly an hour to get to another trail. It was cold, but I had originally intended on keeping warm by running. I was also wearing shorts – so not well prepared for thick scrub. At times the scrub was higher than me. There were lots of vines, so it was very slow moving forward. It was so thick, I could rarely see the ground, so I didn’t know when I was going to slip on rocks or fallen branches.
I found a trail in the end. It was a fun experience. Although I try not to get myself into these situations, it still seems to occur on a regular basis.
The Hoka OneOne Running Story Competition. GET ON IT!!

The Hoka OneOne Running Story Competition. GET ON IT!!

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