Trail runner unleeched!

Finally! Thank you Natalie Watson! Proving once again that toilet humour and vicious wildlife get a laugh every time. Come on, people, we’re looking for running stories. We want terror, trauma, and partial nudity. Natalie’s given us all 3! AMEN!!

On a training run while traversing parts of the GNW course my running buddy and I took on plenty of food and water to keep our nutrition up. However, the down side of this is that sometimes we need to visit the bush toilet which can be hazardous, dangerous and sometimes funny!

After a long technical trail section I came to a more open dirt trail and thought, great I’ll go for an adventure toilet stop here.  Leeches are rampant on the GNW and this looked like a less leechy area to stop. I told my running buddy to go on ahead as I scoured the area to make sure that there were no critters hiding in my chosen spot, it all looked good.

As I went about my business I looked down to make sure I wasn’t flooding my Hokas as aiming can sometimes be a problem only to see close to 50 leeches all stretching themselves up towards me in something that resembled a scene from the movie Mongolian death worm. Screaming very loudly I instinctively ran away from the leech infestation however my pants that were still down prevented me from running and I tripped over rolling in the dirt and dust.  At this stage my running buddy thought I’d been attacked by an axe murderer so he came around the corner only to see me withering on the ground with my pants down and dirt all over me screaming “get them off me”

Nat says this picture depicts her with leeches chasing  :)

Nat says this picture depicts her with leeches chasing 🙂

Needless to say only five leeches had attached so they were removed with much embarrassment and soon we were on our way again. Some stories should stay on the trail however maybe it was the extra height in my Hokas that saved me after all….

The Hoka OneOne Running Story Competition. GET ON IT!!

The Hoka OneOne Running Story Competition. GET ON IT!!

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