Shattered: When training runs come undone

This is the second entry in our Running Story Competition. Every runner dreads the injury that interrupts training, whether it’s for a day, or a week. But how do you feel about an injury that cancels your race? This jawdropping story comes from Jane Shadbolt and features a medical emergency, so pull out some popcorn and enjoy this story of personal tragedy from Jane Shadbolt. We did!

It was going to be my last long run before NF100 in 2011. A cold rainy day and my training buddies pulled the pin because it was so horrible. I was going to run the last 30km of NF100 starting from Leura train station. I’d run in worse conditions and thought it would be fine. I had just warmed up when I hit the giant staircase and started to jog down. On the very last ladder I lost my footing and started plummeting to the bottom. It was like slow-motion trying to stop myself and grab things to slow myself down but getting faster and faster and then finally thinking ‘I can’t stop, this is going to be bad’.

I hit the rocks at the bottom and everything seemed to explode – mostly my ankle. By the time I stood up, my foot had swelled tight in my shoe. There was no one around, no phone reception and I was already shivering. I gathered myself and my belongings which were strewn everywhere, put on my coat and started hobbling up the stairs towards Echo point. I passed a couple of people who asked if I was okay. I clearly wasn’t but replied that I was.

One man asked me if I needed some first aid on my knee and must have thought I was crazy when I looked at him blankly and said ‘My knee? What? I’ve hurt my ankle’ and kept hobbling. I then looked down and saw that there was blood streaming out of a fairly big open gash on my knee! Phone reception returned, and my phone rang. Strangely, it was my friend ringing to ask if I was okay. They were worried about me out there on my own in such bad conditions! I explained what had happened and they jumped into action. I was met at the top of Echo Point and whisked off to hot water bottles, pain killers, ice, warm clothing and the emergency room! Needless to say I didn’t run NF100 in 2011!

Jane Shadbolt's ankle 2011. Next time, she'll take the escalator.

Jane Shadbolt’s ankle 2011. Next time, she’ll take the escalator.

(PS, that is how I ended up trying Hokas – getting back into running from this injury resulted in a stress fracture so I decided to give them a go and haven’t run in anything else since!)

Thank you again Jane! You’re in the running (thanks to your ankle healing and your Hokas rocking) for our juicy first prize of two pairs of Stinson – one road, one trail. If you think you have a pretty great running story, check out the entry information below, get it to us before the end of July, and you could be in the first pair of new Evo and new Tarmac off the boat in just a couple of months from now.

The Hoka OneOne Running Story Competition. GET ON IT!!

The Hoka OneOne Running Story Competition. GET ON IT!!

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