Funny Running Story

Great story awaited us this morning, this one is from William Deering.

My funny running story was when I ran in the Point to Pinnacle in Hobart Tasmania 2011, As it was a half marathon distance I thought I’d knock it off under 2 hours. Well the gun went off and I sprinted off the start line at the Wrest Point Casino in beautiful 22 degree sunshine. Within 1km it was clear my sub 2 hour was out the window with the constant uphill of the course, the run kept going up and up all the way to the summit. Though views from high up Mt Wellington were amazing the run was definitely making me sweat, at each drink station I would drink 1 cup of water and splash another over the back of my neck to cool down. At the 2km to go mark and final water station I decided to throw 2 cups of water over myself to cool down then disaster. True to Tasmania weather within 2 km’s of the finish I felt rain drops and a very sudden drop in temperature. Within 200 metres of the last water station I was amazed that the rain that was falling then turned into snow. I ran the last 2 km’s in minus 7 degrees and the water that I threw over myself had turned to ice and froze on my body. Very funny to the spectators in their thick warm jackets as I was finishing with blue lips and no feeling waist up.

Funny and disastrous – love it! How easy was that? Thanks for getting the ball rolling on the Hoka OneOne Running Story Competition in fine form, Bill!

If you’ve got a story worth sharing, check out the entry details below and get it typed out or videoed and sent into us and you could win some juicy next generation running gear.

The Hoka OneOne Running Story Competition. GET ON IT!!

The Hoka OneOne Running Story Competition. GET ON IT!!

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