When your run is visible from outer space…..

You know you've gone hard when your run is visible from outer space - great work by Jane Trumper and Andy Bowen

You know you’ve gone hard when your run is visible from outer space – great work by Jane Trumper and Andy Bowen

Congratulations Andy Bowen and Jane Trumper on successfully completing your 700km run of the Gibb River Rd, aka Outback Odyssey, to raise money for Bear Cottage and to create a new Australian record run which might well remain unchallenged forever. Sounds like a tough dusty slog!

The route was intended to come in at around 647km, with offroad detours to visit gorges and the occasional homestead bringing the total to 688km, so the pair decided to run a final 12km at the end just to finish on a nice, even 700km!

Their crew, Garry and Janet Tapper from York, near Perth, and Suse Griffen, an American running friend from Tokyo (where else?!) were reportedly amazing. Garry earned himself the nickname “the postman”, because, says Jane, “he always delivered”.

Having set out on the afternoon of Wednesday June 5th, the crew gunned it over the last 4 days to finish the morning of Saturday June 15 so that they could call it an even 10 days. Their shortest day was 59.4km because, according to Jane speaking by phone from their first proper lodgings in nearly 2 weeks, all other campsite options were full of cowpats or locals wanting to borrow carparts. Their longest day was 78km and of course, 700km over 10 days averages the trip out to a solid 70km/day with temperatures averaging in the mid-30s for the duration.

Apparently work crews along the road caught on to what they were doing and sure enough by the end of the run, the traffic controllers were holding up queues of cars until Jane & Andy had run through the roadworks they were constructing. They report seeing landlocked crocodiles, giant Taipans, stunning waterfalls, and more red dust than you could poke a shower at.

To donate to Bear Cottage, visit http://www.everydayhero.com.au/jane_trumper_9

For Jane’s blog see http://ultrasmall.wordpress.com/

For Andy Bowen, see http://ultramarathonrunning.com.au/

Jane is talking excitedly about Run For Tomorrow which starts in Ottawa next April, shortly after she revisits Boston Marathon for a proper finish in 2014. Andy, from the sound of things, is keen just to get the dust out of his computer, which is now apparently red, even though it was kept unopened in a bag for the duration of the adventure.

We’re really proud of these guys for what is a remarkable achievement of endurance and self-directed running. And we’re looking forward to more pictures and stories from their adventure soon, but here’s one of our favourites for now.

It's always handy to bring a giant with you.

It’s always handy to bring a giant with you.

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