Want to see how to run?

The Hoka OneOne Kep Ultra went off with a bang in Perth last weekend, with the team’s Scotty Hawker flying home 45minutes under course record. It’s one thing to think about the challenge of running faster than 5-minute kays for 100km, but another thing to see it.

Check out Scotty at the end of this clip as he knocks out close to 15km/h. Congratulations to women’s 100km winner Karen Hagan and the dynamic duo of Vlad Ixel and Marlene Lootz who knocked over the 75km.

Not sure what tunes you guys are running to in Perth but nicely put together vid (& event) from Rob Donkersloot. I wonder if this clip will get some more East Coasters thinking about a flight to Perth to see how fast they can do this relatively new course…

About Roger Hanney
Ultramarathon runner. Wannabe adventurer. Writer. Australian HOKA ONE ONE guy. First Type 1 to complete the 4 Deserts Grand Slam. www.runeatsleeprun.com www.type1ultra.com

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