How to run 100km on trail in 8:17: Hoka OneOne Kep Ultra Race Report

Scott Hawker is Team Hoka OneOne Australia’s West Coast Flyer. When he won the Hoka OneOne Kep Ultra 75km last year, he was less than excited about his prize – a pair of running shoes from Hoka OneOne. Surely these oversize runners are for injured runners, runners wanting to prolong their racing years, maybe even runners with some kind of niggle needing a bit of protection, but surely they’re not for fast young dudes wanting to go out and smash podiums?

A very Hoka OneOne start to the Hoke OneOne Kep 75/100km Ultra last weekend. pic by Steve Fraser

With a little bit of persuasion, Scotty warmed to the idea of giving them a go for his long runs, or maybe when his legs felt tired. These chunky shoes certainly wouldn’t be his choice for running fast…

After his first few runs in the Bondi, though, it was a changed man on the phone from Perth – excited and bemused. Like so many other runners trying Hoka OneOne, the way they felt to Scott had really exceeded his expectations. Scott also surprised us later in the year when he flew to Queensland and ran the Glasshouse 100km in a scorching new course record of 9:04. In both Scott Hawker and Ben Duffus we see Australia’s new generation of trail ultrarunning. Trail is no longer a poor second choice for people who don’t run so quick on road, and it’s no longer the exclusive domain of older runners who’ve decided that just because they can’t run fast, they’ll compensate by running far.

They’re part of the Kilian generation – trail-inspired, loving natural environments, driven by the challenge that every tough new distance represents, and fast. It’s exciting to see young runners redefining what’s possible over epic distances with course records now routinely falling at almost every Australian trail event. Scott taking close to an hour out of the old Kep 100km record to fly home in 8:17 in his Bondi Speeds is no exception. He’s certainly a runner to follow and with the support of his wife Liz and his continued committed enjoyment of his training and West Australian trail playground, who knows how far this Team Hoka Australia flyer will go – or how fast.

Scott Hawker killing it on the way into Checkpoint 2. pic by Steve Fraser

Thank you and congratulations to Rob Donkersloot and his crew on yet another great event. And as always, Scott has posted a very tidy write-up of his day out at his blog Running Adventures and Finding Elevation so make sure to check it out.

As I knew they would, the final hills of the last 20km started to hurt. A couple of times in the last 20km I stopped and walked very briefly as I started questioning my pacing from early on. These stops were only brief and I got moving well again pretty quickly. During this final section I had one of those unsure moments where one has to decide whether to overtake a fellow runner on the trails or not pending on whether you think you can hold this pace. The fellow runner was a young lady running along with her dog so surely I could make the move right…?

Read the rest of Scott’s Kep 100 race report here.

Saving the best for last – a spectacularly special finish line moment between Scott and Liz, captured by Ron McGlinn.

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  1. Trailcloud says:

    Great write up Scott and congrats on your amazing win once again.

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