TNF100 Race Report – Ben Duffus

Ben Duffus is the latest addition to Team Hoka OneOne Australia. We already liked his style. Then he ran The North Face 100km in 10:18 and won the junior category on the day, taking 7th outright. Exciting times!

Kokoda Spirit Racing

To understand what the TNF100 means to me, first flashback one year to TNF100 2012. I started the race severely under-prepared and with no race plan what–so–ever. After starting out at what felt like a “too easy” pace (it probably wasn’t, given my lack of preparation!) for the first 5km I decided to just “pick up the pace a little bit” and had caught Jez Bragg before the first checkpoint (and as an over confident 19 year old, I decided it would be appropriate to try to keep up with him!). After overshooting a turn to checkpoint 2 by a couple of kilometers, by the time we turned around to retrace our steps, my legs were already slowing down dramatically and I was left watching Jez speed off into the distance. From there things only got worse but out of shear stubbornness I kept pushing until at the 75km mark…

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