Selfies, Selfies, Selfies, Boing!

So the Selfies Competition now draws to a close, even as we continue to receive cute, funny, and creative pictures of you and your shoes.

Hopes were high as we started with a ninja, thanks to Mathew Want.

Get some Hoka, grasshopper!

And of course we’re never happy to see any runner in a boot, but at least Barbara Hughes’ one Hoka has kept her from walking on an angle while she’s under repair.

Not a fan of the open toe thing – get better soon!

Chris Beavis set a theme with the first of the Dog Hoka selfies.

Why am I thinking of aliens?

Followed by personal trainer Manal Garcia…


And our good Kiwi friend Sally Law.

This is one of our favourites… Thanks Sal!

And Manal again…

Bondi 2, when you’re tired of running ruff! Yep, that was a bad one 🙂

Adding some serious running back into the discussion, Jo Peterson smashed out 102km in his Tarmacs at Tarawera, kindly demonstarting the value that many people are finding from this road shoe on trail.

Jo loving a fantastic event.

And Jennifer Spark also hit Tarawera, and came away wishing she had another pair of Hoka!

And again we say, ‘Awwww.’ : ) Thanks Jennifer. Cool pic!

And of course there was Silvia Schweininger happily blister-free knocking out Ironman in her Evo.

Trail, triathlon, surface of the moon – whatever! Evo rocks! Thanks Sylvia.

And Jaysen Searle had us all super-impressed, smashing out Melbourne Ironman in about 8 1/2 hours.

Flying home at the 225.6km mark on a 226km day, Jaysen Searle – awesome!

Clearly, our most obsessed Hoka OneOne convert is ultrarunner and Coast2Kosci medic, Billy Pearce. Billy’s story is unique – he has one foot 2 1/2 sizes longer than the other. When he first got in touch over a year ago, we hoped our shoes would help his running but we weren’t sure if even the mighty Hoka could do anything for such a unique circumstance. Since then, Billy the Footmasher is in touch with us for a fresh pair every six weeks or so. And he’s still threatening to get a Hoka tattoo – which we do look forward to seeing one day, Billy!  : )

That’s about 6,000km worth of shoe, Billy ; )

And another ultrarunning character who regularly inspires us is Victoria’s Scott Knabel. If you haven’t already familiarised yourself with Scott’s story, he’s not content to go couch to 5km. He’s going couch to ultra, and you can check out his story at Scott’s Ultra Quest.

Scott Knabel – local legend (if you’re in Victoria, that is)

So now we get to the pointy end. We weren’t going to do any kind of runner’s up prize BUT this guy clearly needs our help, so there’s a $100 voucher for Garth McInerney. Garth, your selfie made it obvious – you need some Hoka OneOne in your running life!

Garth considers getting wheel transplants. Don’t worry, Garth, Hoka’s here to help!

And that just leaves the announcement of our winner. Drum roll……..

Congratulations, South Australia’s Sally Roffey!

This one had all the elements we were after – creativity, risk of physical injury, cross-training, and borrowed shoes. You made us chuckle, Sally, and you’re clearly hungry for a pair of Hoka OneOne. So, congratulations, for going the extra yard, you can now give Sadie’s shoes back and do yoga with your own pair from

Of course, everyone who does yoga or pilates to support their trailrunning or ultra habit is already a winner, but now Sally also wins herself a pair of Hoka OneOne. WOOHOO!!

Thanks so much to everybody who submitted or commented on photos. It’s great to see how you’re all enjoying your Hoka OneOne and what it’s doing for your run. Check out our Facebook and follow this blog and our Twitter feed for more chances to win, as well as news about latest models and the growing number of retailers carrying the Hoka OneOne range.

And keep sending photos anyway – we love seeing what you’re up to!






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