Team Hoka USA: Jason Schlarb

Jason Schlarb has been travelling about New Zealand, running juicy semi-alpine terrain and fighting off that occasional bane of the ultra-traveller – lurgee!

In just over a week’s time he’ll be toeing the line at Tarawera with some of the best runners that ultra and trail running have to offer in 2013: Sage Canaday, Anton Krupicka, Emelie Forsberg, Tim Olsen, Brendan Davies and many more. He will of course also be lining up alongside Hoka OneOne Australia’s own David Eadie, Nikki Wynd, and Scott Hawker, who you’ll also be meeting on this blog over the next couple of days.

Jason Schlarb, blogging at

Jason, when did you start running in Hoka, and what has kept you running in them since?

Dave Mackey sent me a pair of Bondi in Iraq… I was a skeptic at first, but it only took one run. 

What is your currently preferred model and why?

Bondi- light, fast and just enough traction.  The Bondi gives me all the cushion I could ever want, but is still light enough for a fast race or workout.  The oversized surface area under foot on the Bondi provides all the traction I need for almost all my trail running.  I also really love that the Bondi is flexible and allows my foot to flex in a natural and efficient way.      


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