Hoka OneOne shelves are now full

The shelves at Hoka OneOne Australia HQ are now full! Hit up your local running or tri store or visit us online now to order yours!

And we will shortly be announcing the winner in our Facebook competition and starting a couple of new ones for you. Thank you for your support! It’s been great to hear from so many of you about what you want from Hoka OneOne and what they have already done for you.

We do appreciate that this is a very different shoe. For some people it’s confronting, even annoying because it appears to so fully go against everything they think about shoes or even about running. But for others, it’s the key to their next race, it’s a chance to run again, it’s their big hope for their next Iron Man, it’s a weapon in successful adventure racing, and for some, like Perth’s speedy young Scott Hawker, it’s their partner in course records and podium finishes.

More to follow, including a lucky winner of some flash new running shoes, but for now . . .

Shelves are now loaded!!Bondi Speed 2 v 1

Cyan/white/lime Bondi 2 Lady Tarmac cyan Lady Evo fushia/grey OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Lady Tarmac fushia


2 Responses to Hoka OneOne shelves are now full

  1. Hey Ho. When will the Rapa Nui hit the stores in the land downunder?

    • hokaau says:

      The Rapa Nui as you know it from the internet isn’t going to be the Rapa Nui for much longer. The lower profile models from Hoka OneOne will be available in Europe in about 3 weeks and in Australia in about 3-4 months. Production of the shoes is moving around the corner from its current location to a new factory, owned by the new brand owner, Deckers. We’ll be getting the new models from the new factory once production is rolling in late June. The Rapa Nui Tarmac and Rapa Nui Trail will be the men’s model. The Kailua Tarmac and Kailua Trail will be the women’s model. The women’s model will be produced first, with men’s models to follow late in the year.

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