New Hoka OneOne: competition winner & new range arriving

Here’s a quick update! We know a lot of you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new range of Hoka OneOne in Australia/New Zealand because of the messages and emails we’ve been receiving, because we’re anxiously waiting too, and because so far there have been over 100 entries in our competition to win the first pair out the door. If you haven’t entered that contest yet, make sure to hit our Facebook page and share and comment on the right post for your chance to win.

So, with thousands of big superlight running shoes arriving, we are now just waiting for them to clear the examination process at Customs. We expect they’ll pass because they have studied very hard! But we’re now waiting to get word on arrival time, which could be this morning, could be this afternoon, could be later tonight when I’ve already taken my camera and gone home.

Obviously, we hoped to be getting them on to shelves and out the door first thing this morning but instead we’re biting our lips and wringing our hands just like you! On the upside – not too late to enter our competition if you haven’t already. As soon as the delivery turns up we’ll be closing our competition and announcing the winner.

The new 2013 range should be starting to appear in stores by Wednesday, and is already available online at the Hoka store. We’ll be down at the Huskisson long course tri this weekend with the Elite Energy crew if you want to get along for a seaside swimming/cycling/running party. Be among the first to buy from us at Huski this weekend and receive new edition Hoka OneOne running singlets with your new shoes.

………. wai  –  ting …………….

hoka share 2013

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