Our first website winner for the year . . .

Congratulations to our first winner of some limited edition Hoka OneOne running gear.

If you like running in polo shirts that is 🙂

Pete, if we can call you Pete – considering you’re only known to us via our Facebook as ThePete – we loved your story and we hope you love your Hoka OneOne polo. Sorry it’s not a pair of Bondi 2 but you’re just going to have to wait 18 more days for those like everybody else, ourselves included.

Here’s a pic of Pete smashing Melbourne Marathon 2012, and loving every quick second of it apparently in his Tarmacs.

Pete, Melbourne Marathon 2012

Pete, Melbourne Marathon 2012

Hit us up in messaging with your shirt size and postal address, Pete. We’ve got one of these styley shirts for you. 2 more winners to be announced along with their stories this week. It’s not too late to wow us with your own Hoka moment for 2012. Check out some of the massive accomplishments, including course records and world firsts, our Team Hoka runners achieved in 2012. And 2013 is going to be even bigger . . .


Congratulations Pete. Who’s next?

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