2012 in Review: Win a Limited Edition Hoka OneOne Polo

Whether you PBed, raced hard, ran far, or just got back on your feet in Hoka, what was your Hoka OneOne moment from last year?

We’d rather be out running than writing the obligatory wrap up of 2012. But, as we look at the year ahead and see some big Hoka surprises in the running pipeline, we can’t help looking back at some of the big runs and stories of great courage that Hoka has been part of.

First woman  to run across the Simpson Desert and a 100th marathon (Jane Trumper, Team Hoka Australia)

Pat Farmer knows running talent when he sees it.

– An outright speed record running over 250km from Newcastle to Sydney (Jess Baker, Team Hoka Australia, running with Meredith Quinlan, non-Hoka)

Sunrise, 48 hours in. Baker and Quinlan approach the Sydney CBD.

– Badwater Ultramarathon Australian Course Record & 2nd place Australian 100km Championships (David Eadie, Team Hoka Australia)

David Eadie on his way to an Aussie Course Record in sweltering heat.

– Glasshouse 100km, Geraldton Marathon, Esperance Half-Marathon course records (Scott Hawker, Team Hoka Australia)

Scott Hawker impersonates the startline-stopwatch pose.

– Victorian Ultra Distance Trail Running Championships winner (Nikki Wynd, Team Hoka Australia)

– 1,000+km Brisbane to Sydney for WSPA (Andrew Hedgman, Team Hoka Australia)

– From broken back to podium at coast2kosci (Kevin Muller)

– Tri-5 World Title ITU World Championships, Auckland (Patty Solimene Collins, Team USA)

Patty Solimene Collins ran to her first World Title in Bondi Speed

– 5 Racing the Planet Grand Slams in one year – including youngest runner, oldest runner and first team ever to complete the 4 Deserts Grand Slam (Team Born to Run, sponsored)

Running across the Atacama, Gobi, Sahara deserts and Antarctica all in one year, it had to get tough somewhere along the line . . .

– numerous top 10s and massive PBs at everything from local bridge runs and half marathons to The North Face 100 – Australia.

Perhaps the most satisfying part of being Hoka OneOne Australia – apart from all the running friends we make – are the number of stories we hear from people about these fantastic shoes giving them back their running.

To win one of 3 limited edition Hoka OneOne polo shirts, please share your story here or on our Facebook page. Whether it was a PB, a podium, a new distance, or a return from injury in 2012, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us how you went, and maybe what you’d like to run in 2013. Dream big!!


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