Team Born to Run prepare for Antarctica

Hi, it’s Roger from Hoka OneOne Australia and Team Born to Run. That’s me on the left, along with my team mates, gear testing on Ushuaia’s Martial Glacier earlier today. This Thursday, we’ll take a 2-day boat trip across the notorious Drake’s Passage to the coast of Antarctica.

Each day, rubber duckies will whisk us from ship to shore as we complete a number of world firsts. In the 9 year history of the 4 Deserts Challenge, we’ll be the first team ever to bag the Grand Slam. That might not sound complicated, but when entering as a team means running as a team, within close proximity every step of the way for each of 4 250-km multiday races under extremes of heat, fatigue, dehydration, and restricted calorie-intake… yeah, at times, it’s been challenging. But now, the mood is of extreme excitement.

We can’t wait to get to Antarctica. We are about to do something amazing in a place where almost nobody has ever been. If you’d asked me 12 months ago whether I’d ever go running in Antarctica, I’d have likely what-the-eff-bombed you. But now it’s happening! Youngest runner, first couple, first father-and-son, and first type 1 diabetic to take out the Slam (assuming no race-ending injuries on the ice).

Endurance running and the power of possibility, longtime partners in juicy life-changing goodness!

See for more.


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