Meet the Athlete – Scott Hawker profiled in Perth

This great little interview with Hoka OneOne Talent Scott Hawker comes from the online magazine of Perth’s Peak Podiatry.

Have a read and you’ll see why we like Scott. It’s not just because he’s fast.
Although that doesn’t hurt  : )


Athlete Profile

Scott Hawker – Ultra marathoner

My name is Scott Hawker and I am a Kiwi Ultra runner. I began running Ultras in 2011 after moving to Perth from Christchurch, New Zealand. In 2011 I tore cartilage in my knee, however I ended up racing all that year albeit with a dodgy and sore knee. Since surgery in January this year I have started to train and race more consistently. This year I have done the Bunbury 50km, Hoka One One Kep Ultra 75km, Geraldton Marathon, Glasshouse Mountains 100km and the Esperance Half Marathon. I have managed to take first place in all my races so far which has been absolutely fantastic. I think a big part of my quick recovery after races and great results for the year to date is thanks to the Hoka One One running shoes I do all of my running in. My next race is the Great North Walk 100km which runs between Newcastle and Sydney, I can’t wait for the challenge ahead.

Most memorable run? Glasshouse 100km, having my wife and some of my family there for my 1st 100km race was amazing. The support they gave me was truly awesome.

Editors note: Scotts winning time was 9hr4mins which broke the old course record by a touch under 10 minutes!

Favourite trail in Perth? Lesmurdie Falls National Park, so close but you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere!

Favourite distance? Probably the 100km, until I step up to the 100 miler :)

Toughest race/ run? Easily the first trail Ultra I did – The Hoka One One Kep Ultra in 2011 was a complete eye opener. I hit a lot of low points in that race and learnt a lot about myself and my body.

Favourite pre race food? Steak, chips and salad, always 2 days before race day.

Any pre race habits? Missing out on heaps of sleep, especially in bigger races. I tend to play the race over in my sleep night after night.

Any running idols? A friend of mine Marty Lukes – (NZ 100km Champ). I have looked up to Marty since I was a teenager. Also Anton Krupicka, his approach to running and especially life in the mountains is inspiring.

Most inspiring person? My Uncle, Shane Thrower. After being knocked off his bike while training in 2003 he suffered severe injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, paralysis and broken bones. Medical staff told him that he would never complete his study, play competitive sport or work again, but he continues to prove medical professionals wrong and is currently competing in races all over the world. He provides me with his words of wisdom and wealth of knowledge which is invaluable to me.


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