Team Born to Run, 2,000+km without a blister!

Team Born to Run, Heaven’s Gate, 3,000m ASL, Gobi March 2012. L to R Ron Schwebel, Greg Donovan, Matt Donovan, Jess Baker, Roger Hanney. pic by James Holman, courtesy of

Between them, the members of Team Born to Run have raced over 2,000km Chile’s Atacama Desert and China’s Gobi so far in the Racing The Planet 4 Deserts series 2012 without yet having a single blister to show for it. Hoka OneOne is the team’s official shoe sponsor.

The Born to Run Foundation is being established with a goal of raising awareness of, and funding for research into juvenile diabetes. So far this year, the newly minted organisation has raised over $60,000. Roger Hanney works for Hoka OneOne in Australia, runs for Team Born to Run, and has type 1 diabetes. He is currently nominated for a significant award in Australia because of his running adventures as a diabetic and the hope that they might inspire others – with or without the condition – to get seriously active.

Public voting is open for one more week. Winning this award will hopefully support the team in future fundraising as they prepare to race in the Sahara and Antarctica just 3 months from now.

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