Road superiority for endurance athletes: Tarmac

The new Stinson Evo Tarmac is a speedy and responsive joy to run in. Firmer through the sole than other Hoka OneOne models because of reduced foam in the toe and a shaved down durable rubber outsole, we’ve put 100 road kilometres on the pair we unboxed last Thursday and they’re everything that was hoped for and more.


I would even rate these as a shoe to consider racing groomed firetrail, but they are clearly intended for half and long course triathletes and anyone else running anywhere from 10km and upward on road, pavement, and – believe it or not – tarmac.

The tongue sits nicely even though it’s quite thin, and the upper breathes beautifully which will be ideal as the capital city half and full marathons kick in over the next few months. The structure is highly stable and well engineered but both the sole and upper are yielding enough to ensure a snug fit becomes a conforming fit over the first ten 10 to 15 hours of wear.

Simply a pleasure to run hard in, these should be the breakthrough shoe for Hoka OneOne, continuing a foray into the wider running population initiated by the Bondi and accelerated by the Stinson Evo Trail.

Available now from future-focussed running shoe specialists and appearing soon on


One Response to Road superiority for endurance athletes: Tarmac

  1. I can’t wait to get one of these to try out. City to Surf, World tri champs and my first 70.3 (half ironman tri).

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