David Eadie, Badwater: Massive new Aussie Course Record

congratulations David and crew, especially wife Kim who has kept us so in touch with how his race was going. (pics also by Kim Eadie)

Last post she sent said,

Sorry for cross posting but hubby is flying home. Running strong overnight and continued to smash through the field today. He caught Pam Reed and will catch the runner in front of her too. The next one after that is Dean Karnazes!!!! Went from about 33rd overnight to about 14th at present. Heading up the mountain to the finish now.

He went into the back half of the 217km course placed in the mid-30s but overnight had an absolute blinder and set himself up for a brilliant 2nd day. 7th fastest on course over the massive 32 mile stage into Lone Pine, 5th fastest over the following 15km and 2nd fastest on course over the final leg, with only the outright 2nd-placed runner finishing faster – literally by a matter of seconds.

And as a measure of his courageous run, David has beasted ultra champion Jo Blake’s 32:05 Australian Course Record of just last year, taking over an hour and a half off and setting a new target of 30:24.

Great ultra running David!! Way to race Badwater!


Dave has himself posted on Facebook now to say

Job done toughest thing I have ever done, suffering for ever minute of the 30 hrs and 24 sec. Hot and Hilly wow. Could not have done it without my awesome crew Mike Toby, Adrian Panozzo, Casey Cooper, Bonnie Busch, Ian Sharman and of course my wife Kim and Lucas. More info to come just coming back from finish and a quick rest.

3 Responses to David Eadie, Badwater: Massive new Aussie Course Record

  1. trailsplus says:

    Dave Eadie Amazing and true Aussie Gutsy Effort Well Done Mate

  2. shanerunner says:

    David Eadie You are an absolute LEGEND Amazing run

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