Badwater in Progress: David Eadie – Relentless

David’s last pre-race moments with the little one (pic. by Kim)

We gave you the heads up about David Eadie‘s crack at Badwater yesterday and now it’s update time.

The real-time splits and leaderboard for Badwater are here. There are also Badwater race updates happening on the AdventureCorps and Badwater Facebook pages.

David’s wife and crew Kim is also posting updates to his Facebook as the race progresses and probably giving the best coverage available for Australian fans.

Earlier she wrote:

Not sure if my posts have been coming Up on David’s page but I crewed for a bit from about 6pm. He is still going well. Had some rough patches but is still moving. Last mile I ran he was at 48.4mi after 9:02 hours race time (7pm local time) he came through stovepipe wells at about 5:35pm local time. The sun is down now so it’s cooler but the wind is fierce. Mentally David is still strong. He did however say he was not doing another ultra ever again. We’ve ALL heard that before. Carry on champ. Still looking the goods (Kim)

This does of course mean that Dave went out with the 10am wave, rather than the 6am starters. On the one hand, this is tough love because it means that most of his race by 7pm had been in the heat of the day. On the other hand, as the leaderboard fills with other runner’s race splits, he has 4 hours up his sleeve as the placings start to sort themselves out.

He isn’t forecasting a storming run, and is modestly aiming for a 32-36-hour finish. But, typically all-out, his first pacer was British ultra running powerhouse Ian Sharman. Just over an hour ago, as far as we can tell he had about 2 hours more running to get to CP3, Panamint Springs at the 72mi (116km roughly) mark. Supposedly there is some downhill then which he should be able to use in the cooler night air to get his mojo to gogo.

Buckets of fun in California

The wind has apparently been quite brutal, swinging from tail to side wind, but then again, 217km starting below sea level and running across a desert plain called Death Valley was never meant to be easy.


One Response to Badwater in Progress: David Eadie – Relentless

  1. trailfiend says:

    He’s through the 72mi mark and well past halfway in 16:23. 9 hours between checkpoints is savage and has to be stinging just a little. Dave’s a big back-half performer, can’t wait to see what he does with the night leg.

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