David Eadie, Aussie ultra runner, just hours to 217km Badwater assault.

It’s appropriate that the 100th post on the Hoka OneOne blog in Australia should be something momentous.

David Eadie is AURA’s Australian Ultra Runner (Male) of the Year 2011. He placed 2nd in the most hard fought Coast to Kosciuszko (246km) in memory last year, as well as taking out the National 100km Titles with a smacking 7:15. In Melbourne, he’s respected as a popular running coach and he’s available to Australian runners everywhere through his online presence as The Running Man.

In roughly 9 hours from now, with a 17-hour time lag from California, David will be heading out through the anxious dawn into a searing desert valley frying-pan ultra revered as perhaps the ultimate test of any endurance runner: Badwater. He’s holding his cards close to his chest and downplaying expectations, but we’ve got to know Dave over the last few months and think he’s one of Australia’s most physically and mentally tough ultra runners.

We wish him all the very best. He has hammered his body into peak condition over the last 6 months, clocking up long runs at pace, week after week of massive mileage, and brutal hill sessions in sun, snow, and rain. He won’t be getting wet or cold where he’s going, with cloudless skies all the way and temperatures likely to top 50 degrees Celsius on the relentless climb out of Death Valley.

He’s a champion and at 11pm tonight Australian Eastern time he’ll be setting out on the run of his life, targeting the low to mid-30s with – we think – anything possible. He’ll be only the 10th Australian to complete this hallowed run to Mt. Whitney, 8,360 feet above sea level.

Please follow Dave’s progress via the race web site at www.badwater.com or via his Twitter Account @DERunningMan and the hashtag #bw135.

Even with the kind of pressure he must be feeling, he’s taken time out to drop us a note just a few hours ago:

3p,m race eve here. Was talking with Marshall Ulrich he was telling me about the amazing shoe he had been using for ultras best he had every uses, saving his legs etc etc…guess what they were Hoka one one. I started laughing and pulled mine out my bag….

Should be a big day, and a big night, and most likely another big day. When Dave returns to Australia, he’ll be showing photos and talking bout his adventures at St. Kilda Town Hall on the evening of August 4th in support of his chosen charity for the event, RecLink, bringing sports and arts initiatives to the disadvantaged.

More details to follow but for now, let’s send him our support and best wishes.

One Response to David Eadie, Aussie ultra runner, just hours to 217km Badwater assault.

  1. Go David this has been your goal for a long time!

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