The Importance of Forefoot Strike

This graphic taken from last week’s Men’s US Olympic 10,000m trials in which Galen Rupp broke the Trials Record in time of 27:25.33 demonstrates the important relationship between running on your toes and running fast.

2 Responses to The Importance of Forefoot Strike

  1. Colin says:

    So to run 27:41:50 for 10km I should heel strike….. That’s the missing puzzle piece to find that pesky 6mins

  2. hokaau says:

    Well, you could do that and see what happens. : )

    I think the main takeaway would be that if you’re spending a large chunk of training time on form, you could probably look instead at the opportunity cost and spend more of that time on strength and conditioning.

    Shame that doesn’t actually exist. Would surely be a daily source of helpful information ; )

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