Hoka OneOne. You know you want to.

Like eiderdown pillows for my feet

Product: Bondi B Mens
Posted By: Lisa1979
I bought a pair of these wacky Moon Boots thinking ‘I’ll try anything’ after a very disappointing year holed up with an Achilles injury. Not that I’d recommend it, I ran 25km in the Bondi B’s straight out of the box and was very impressed. They provide such a level of cushioning that my ankle was not stiff or painful after my run, which it normally would be. My legs also felt very fresh the following day. I have since run trails in the shoe and the cushioning helped me on roots/stones, however I have not yet tried wet rocks or steep descents. All in all I am extremely impressed with the Hoka Bondi B!

When you do try wet rocks or steep descents, Lisa1979, you might be surprised by just how versatile the Bondi B are. Or, you might want to try the Stinson Evo – we’re receiving a fresh shipment of the superpopular Flag model this week.

bondi b knees

Product: Bondi B Mens
Posted By: maurice maffei
After talking to a couple of other runners in the north face 100 this year , i decide that now is as good a time as any to change running shoes.These shoes have everything i want in a pair of running shoes heaps of padding for the smoothest run i have ever had, light weight so you hardly notice that you have shoes on ,that is until your feet hit the ground,it feels like you are jumping up and down on your bed like you did when you were a kid.The only down side is i think the sizing is a little wider across the toes than i am use to.

Thanks for that Maurice. I hope with a pair of Injinji socks you might feel a snugger fit in the toebox ; )

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