Hoka OneOne: New Models, and All Star Road Specialist – Evo Tarmac!!!

Bondi Speed aka Bondi Tri arriving fresh off the docks into the warehouse this week.

The Bondi Speed. Flashy with speedlaces and weight savings.

New Bondi Women’s available by Monday in white/ light grey /blue.

Women’s Bondi, V3.0


Stinson Evo Tarmac will soon be here!! The high performance roadster for the 22nd Century will be arriving the week of July 16. If you’re serious about getting some speed and endurance into your road racing and road training, for everything from 5km to City to Surf to half-marathon to marathon to 50km to 100km, the Evo Tarmac is locked and loaded and ready to BLOW YOUR MIND!!!

If you’ve been wishing Hoka OneOne would bring out something that feels just a bit more stripped down and speedy, get ready.

All new Hoka OneOne Stinson Evo Tarmac: Durable dead flat rubber outsole, snug upper, super-responsive, jetpacks for your feet.

An absolute must for all Hoka OneOne frequent flyers. Get to your local running specialist and order today, or visit http://www.HokaOneOne.com.au.

One Response to Hoka OneOne: New Models, and All Star Road Specialist – Evo Tarmac!!!

  1. Simon Webber says:

    How can I get a pair of the Bondi red shoes?
    I purchased two pair in Port Ironman and you mentioned I watch Facebook for the new models.
    Please send me a email regarding bondi please….

    Regards Simon.

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